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Game Thread: Buffalo Bills @ Kansas CIty Chiefs

So buff, wow

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Post Game Thread: Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans

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  1. Are they seriously going to go up against elden ring? Launch day will be barren

  2. You got downvoted because it's the GW2 subreddit, but imagine you're a neutral party looking for a game experience in the action-combat and fantasy genres and you have the choice of Elden Ring vs End of Dragons lmao

  3. I like the idea of a Bengals 49ers Superbowl. And as unlikely as it is to happen it is what I want.

  4. The best superb owls are the ones with the teams nobody really expects to make it

  5. This was a Super Bowl team. That’s why it hurts more than Music City Miracle. It hurts more than wide right even, because that was just a player trying their best and not succeeding.

  6. It was more than just a Super Bowl team, we had everything going for us:

  7. We need to draft linemen on both sides, everything else is pretty much good to go

  8. We need another corner on White's level. Give Epenesa, Groot, and Boogie another year to develop. Get at least one really good depth signing at Oline.

  9. In my completely biased opinion, he played better than Mahomes with less weapons.

  10. Davis is going to be a HoFer. Even before last night's performance he's been a sideline angel and made ridiculous catches. Not disagreeing just saying we have a lot of weapons that haven't gotten their credit yet - but it's coming.

  11. I’m not mad about the coin toss. Our Defense had one job to do for :13 and couldn’t pull it off.

  12. They had one job to do for 60:00 and couldn't pull it off. An entire season where the only truly bad performance was against the Colts, and in this game of all games they shit the bed. I said in the game thread whoever had the last possession would win the game because the defense was not stopping anything. It didn't look like our guys at all, makes no sense whatsoever.

  13. Mentioned this last night, but if you told someone midseason that our #1 draft priority would be defense instead of the Oline they'd have called you crazy

  14. Sitting here at 4am trying to figure out how the defense shit the bed so hard. Even without Tre they've been doing okay. Tonight was as bad or worse than the Colts loss

  15. Imagine going back in time 7 weeks and telling them that the defense is going to be the #1 priority in the draft instead of the Oline

  16. With three time outs and the 2 minute warning KC is getting the ball back for sure

  17. Even if we score here I don't trust the defense to prevent the score

  18. If I wasn't a Bill til death could I be a Bengal? Love you guys

  19. Not sure if Titans Dline is really good or Bengals Oline is really bad

  20. I mean we don’t even have a release date yet dude. They are once again choosing the weirdest/worst marketing strategy I’ve ever seen. It’s like they don’t want any new players to join or be interested in the game.

  21. Sorry to hear that. Very rare to see an experience like that in this community

  22. I dunno, the collective maturity of GW1 players is stuck in 2006. People in D1 chat type like 12 year olds even though the average player age has to be pushing 35.

  23. Feeling powerful for getting the Chichen Itza triple stumper

  24. That was on special teams, not offense. If we're going for the literally perfect game we also would have converted every single first down, no incompletions, no missed PATs, and forced a turnover on every opponents drive for a shutout.

  25. His vision is insane. He doesn't always get a lot when it's a designed run, but when the defenders move out into coverage and Josh sees an open lane it's always a guaranteed 20+ yards, it's nutty

  26. Back in my day RIT wouldn't close for winter even if freshmen were getting blown off the quartermile by subzero galeforce winds :BOOMER:

  27. If you want to win a championship, you have to beat the best teams eventually. It be nice if we could avoid the Chiefs, but you have to beat who you play no matter what.

  28. Imagine going to the SB off the back of destroying the Patriots, Chiefs, and Titans in that order

  29. Collinsworth calling Chief’s games is insufferable. That is all.

  30. Gonna have to listen to this dude in the superbowl

  31. "Nobody throws back across their body better than Mahomes"

  32. 🇲🇽I've🇽🇰never🇹🇰seen🇸🇷so🇵🇼many🇳🇺flags🇧🇼in🇨🇼my🇩🇯life🇺🇲

  33. Mexico, Kosovo, Tokelau, Suriname, Palau, Niue, Botswana, Curacao, Djibouti, United States

  34. The ref shit was a weird flub but that entirely came down to running it up the middle with 14 seconds and no timeouts, what in the world

  35. You converted the whole state of Wyoming when you guys got Josh Allen.

  36. Idk mate last night was probably the best game I've ever watched

  37. The only reference to this I’d seen was Jackson commentary on extended editions. “Realized we had cast Aragorn too young.” I am happy to finally discover who it was!

  38. Too young for the belief of a movie-going audience, probably, but I imagine even an 80+ year old Numenorean is probably quite fair. They age like elves.

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