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  1. If this is the worst race then the season will be a success.

  2. I wasn’t too sold on that 19 scheme when they released the renders, but damn it looked beautiful on track

  3. We just need KB to grow out the mustache so we can have Mario too

  4. I will take a 3rd!!! Also glad for Martin, especially after all he's been through lately

  5. We all saw this coming, still awesome to know we aint losing Happy

  6. Think the only one putting faith in Ty is JGR. I dont think toyota really has too much invested with him on a personal level. They (dave) seemed more upset with losing kyle than they expressed joy in getting Ty

  7. I would imagine because they knew that there was no risk in ever losing Ty to another manufacture like there was with KFB

  8. I don’t know why people say this. Like Tony has some great record of snatching up other drivers… Just like he snatched up both of the Kyle’s right?

  9. Why do people still believe this lol

  10. I think 2013-2016 kind of fueled it with Danica winning it after going full-time, Austin Dillon winning it in the return of the 3 car, Jeff Gordon winning it as he started his final full-time season, and finally Chase Elliott, the most popular driver's son who was replacing one of the legends of the sport, winning it.

  11. It’s always a Hendrick car, which rules out a lot of possibilities

  12. Absolutely. Truex almost retired. He will be retiring if he doesn’t pick it up this year. Prove it year for both of them

  13. I forgot to mention that Bowman missed 5 races last year as well.

  14. I'll never forget the 4th down play where he threw it away to end the game

  15. That was possibly the weirdest comeback I've ever seen. Never seen a multiple score come from behind victory when a team completely abandons the passing game

  16. Yeah, maybe he'll be better with the track shaded, seemed to struggle with the hotter track

  17. Which is a really good sign since the main will be in shaded conditions

  18. Only stats I can say is, whoever finishes 2nd will be the only driver in the top 10 to get a top 10 at Daytona and whoever wins the race will be your champion

  19. So many Super Bowl loses go unremembered, at least ours is memorable.

  20. At least we got there, Browns, Texans, Jags and Lions fans can't say that

  21. Is the trivia actually daily? Everytime I checked it was the same trivia question.

  22. I have looked twice this week and both times it was a new question

  23. Weird, where are you looking? I go on my dashboard and it's the same question each time. The question was who won the clash last year

  24. When Logano won Vegas this past year and had the extra time to prep that crazy car they went out and dominated Phoenix with.

  25. I told everybody after Joey won Vegas he was going to be the champ last year

  26. Turning point for Harvick in 2020 was him not being able to pass Logano at Kansas

  27. The University of Utah, first ever team I did a dynasty with in NCAA 14 so now I am legally obligated to root for them

  28. I don’t think they’re gonna use 07 for 7 days to go.

  29. If this is true, why wasn't this detected during pre-race tech?

  30. Well there is no pre-race tech till today so hard to detect it when there isn't one

  31. Yeah i don't imagine there is much of an advantage from not attaching the exhaust

  32. Because they have money to throw at him? Also are you new to NASCAR? Joe Gibbs is openly religious and NASCAR does a prayer before every race

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