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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 start a go fund me alongside of it, sell some lemonade on the corner, mow some lawns, weed the garden for that nice old lady down the street....

  2. I forget who exactly it was but there was someone here posting who has a bit of inside knowledge who said during the middle of the Kyle Busch saga last year that JGR is kind of difficult to work with.

  3. With Legacy MC switching to Toyota, you have a better chance of seeing Jesus Christ himself in the 9 than you do Erik Jones.

  4. Whatever Cup drivers will dip into the lower series will get a massive advantage. Tbh I hope NASCAR limits Cup drivers from racing in that race because I want to see what drivers adapt to the track easier than others in their cars instead of going to other series to get that advantage. We already saw Larson go down in Trucks at North Wilkesboro and dominate. I don’t want to see that again from a fan point of view. Though I think I’m in a minority there. I don’t want to see Allmendingers, Chastains and Elliotts in that race.

  5. This team needs to just, whenever Almirola leaves, shutter the 4th car and use the 15ish mil from the charter money to invest in developing other three drivers. Though I hear HBurton is going to the 10 so not likely to even do something this smart.

  6. Well the thing is, it is in SHR's contract to run that 4th car. So you aint getting rid of it

  7. Where do you hear Burton to the 10? That’s such a downgrade even for Almirola’s standards.

  8. The same twitter account that has like 5 followers that has leaked every big move about a month of 2 early

  9. It’s more of a the 51 car sucks piece than Todd sucks because Gilliland does not suck. If anything he’s probably the most underrated driver this year.

  10. I want to say Regan did it once. Think he was in the 7 car, missed a race then raced the 41 for Busch when he had that domestic abuse allegations come out against the ninja assassin.

  11. Regan was still driving for JRM at the time so he technically doesn't count

  12. The team isn’t properly backed. They have zero manufacturer support and nothing is being shared since they are switching to Toyota at the end of the year. It’s basically a lost season for that team.

  13. Although apparently Legacy wasn't getting much before their switch anyway

  14. I want to say 2019 was the debut of the 550 hp package, with how that car raced on restarts it makes sense why it was well received.

  15. I think it's either 2020 Bristol spring or 2021 Bristol Night Race

  16. You’re right for the most part. But I think it would atleast curb some of the delusion. I think fans thinking it was deserved or don’t understand that it’s different than someone pulling a bump and run need to be educated.

  17. Honestly I thought HMS put out a statement based on Bob's tweets. But fans have already made their mind up because of who did it and who it was done to

  18. That seemed more like a response they gave to Bob when he asked them to me. They can handle it however they want obviously, but I expected them to try to get ahead of this asap a little more formally

  19. I understand that thought, but I also understand just wanting to act like it didn't happen and push past it

  20. That was such a great line. Apparently it was all set but something came up. I'm really looking forward to his episode.

  21. How dare you disrespect Future 2023 Nascar Cup Champion™ Ryan Blaney like that. My dude could never get a top 10 the rest of his career and he'd literally still be hot shit.

  22. NASCAR noob here, but slowly catching up.

  23. What’s going on with Cindric? Seems like nobody is talking about him. Penske car but not even top 20. Behind Lajoie, Gibbs, Stenhouse.

  24. Penske outside of Blaney has been awful lately, Logano hasn't been doing much better than Cindric outside of he can randomly rebound to a top 10

  25. NASCAR is holding off until the California Short Track is (hopefully) finished. I believe their goal is to end the season there.

  26. I feel like nobody asks this a lot, but how is everyone doing?

  27. Fantastic. Niece graduates high school tonight, moving to our new warehouse (and a brand new desk) tomorrow, my daughter's 8th grade promotion ceremony is Friday and Saturday I'm running a disc golf tournament.

  28. You got it going good, congrats to your niece and daughter

  29. 2015/16 JGR and 2018 Stewart Haas are the only examples I can think of where all 4 teams were performing well

  30. 2005 Roush had all 5 teams contending for the title. Think Kurt got in to trouble somehow that year and missed races but he still managed to finish in the top 10.

  31. Well when you make the chase, you are guaranteed to finish top 10 back then

  32. I honestly don’t know this; but did Denny raise such a stink after his driver right reared another?

  33. If I remember, there were people saying Denny was pissed off at Bubba

  34. Denny was justified in posting the data because what chase did was wrong

  35. I honestly think they might throw some additional help to the 7 car for this regardless.

  36. I actually think that's the reason Spire signed off on this

  37. Spire and Hendrick already have an alliance. Spire puts more resources into the 7 than the 77, that’s evident.

  38. Spire may have an alliance but it probably isn't that close information shared wise, I imagine after this Spire is going to get a lot more info than they got before

  39. Not really, just look at Harvick in 2020 and Kyle Busch in 2015, among others

  40. Kyle Busch 2015 was a different format than what we have now

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