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  1. Lewis went from dead last to almost P4 if it wasn’t for that water leak, not bad for a old man.

  2. Lewis’s season has been absolutely Terrible holy shit.

  3. “The way I see it, if your gonna put a gay kiss in a Disney show then why not do it in style?”

  4. It is really Kimi. The Iceman. We added him to the group after he announced his retirement just for fun. We never thought he'd reply.

  5. "I think we can get it into an even better place tomorrow"

  6. I did not expect to see anything Owl House related on here lmao.

  7. When intermediates get 90%+, you know the new car works.

  8. Kahne did drive for Ford, although only Xfinity, never for cup.

  9. Bristol Xfinity. Unsure of the year but I think it was mid-90s.

  10. 1994 spring, David Green’s only win of the season on route to his championship.

  11. Other than the Tire issues, great race, this Next gen car has saved 1.5 miles, now we wait to see if Texas had a car issue or the new configuration really is a huge failure.

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