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  1. Not sure how it applies to this case but yea he is a horrible person that has gotten away with way to much until recently.

  2. Are you saying Billy Jensen is connected to Bill Rauch?


  4. I dont think he wants them knowing anything about or looking for Maura in Ohio.

  5. I don't think she's in Ohio anymore because I do think he flew back to Oklahoma on Tuesday, I believe his phone bill that day is very similar to him flying back out on Wed.

  6. Allegedly 12 days after she went missing and Bill didn't feel any hope for whatever reasons, and that's acceptable to his curated fan club.

  7. I wonder how his Republican parents feel about their little Captain suddenly dropping his title & becoming an anti-war Democrat? 🤨

  8. I thought Sharon was on Twitter under an alias clutching her pearls and had her granny panties in a wad over Trump?

  9. I think it was her boyfriend and not Bigfoot who did this to Maura, but I did first focus on her case as a potential 411 in the beginning.

  10. There’s been some odd things going on lately in the case. Idk if it’s trolling or legit knowledge; but if there was something nefarious I feel as though it was something gone wrong at a party or BR. Who knows.

  11. It's a really sad case, I feel he was stalking her. I don't know, I just hope for the sake of her family something breaks soon. 18 years 😭

  12. N supports the staging theory. One of the things found in the car was a pack of birth control pills with 4 missing (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday). Interesting bc her “upsetting call” was Thursday night.

  13. I think if she was pregnant with Lil Bills baby he would never know and she would just abort it.

  14. What surprised me when I came on Reddit and looked back at posts from years ago was how many peddled the ‘succumbed to the elements’ theory.

  15. I'm shocked she hasn't announced she is going to abort the baby in her "tummy" in solidarity with the other woman who can't travel to a state that allows abortion.

  16. They’re about as welcome there as a turd in a punch bowl.

  17. Oh, I'm sure Grifty just had the help load up her kids and they will be in the Kim and Alec wedding house soon enough.

  18. 😱 did I really not know this. He married Kim in that house in the hamptons?

  19. During her social media hiatus you could hear the crickets chirping in here. 🦗🦗🦗

  20. But then... She reappears with her litter of children, nodding her head like a wild collie, revealing she paid for another woman to carry her daughter, who she hopes isn't ugly to term.

  21. That photo where she’s blocking him with her elbows is truly an accurate depiction of this love story for our times! 😉

  22. The link above has the accident forms that Fred told Maura to pick up. They’re available online & can be printed out. Some speculate the “missing hour” after the liquor store was spent going to the RMV or the Hadley Police Station.

  23. I can't get behind the staged theory now because I'm very sure LE has her airbags, as they were cut out, and they know exactly who was driving that car at the point of impact.

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