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  1. I wasn't going to respond because everyone else has pretty well advised that this is a mold, so I will add something different- When you want to have items suspended in animation like the wee balls you see here, you have to do either several pours (where you let one level cure then do another round) or at the very least you need to let one level cure enough so that it is slightly firm. Only the very lightest (like paper thin) things are going to just "float" in resin like that. Some times what I do is I glue or resin things together, let it dry, then put the entire object in the mold and pour resin around that. This also helps with moisture bubbles (anything organic no matter how dry you get it is going to hold moisture on its surface due to humidity).

  2. Found these molds by doing a reverse image search. Hope it helps! These are so fun!

  3. I remember an episode of the old Sonic series which had him hitting on the wrong girl on a beach...

  4. This makes no sense. Btw, English is my second language.

  5. Well obviously I'd be worried and want to help them to not be attracted to those sort of thing

  6. I just ask because I know a lot of people say to do what makes them happy and I can’t help but wonder about all the serial killers and rapists that feel happy hurting people

  7. Chances to develop into a serial killer are tiny. Although pop culture is obsessed with them, they are, actually, a pretty rare phenomenon, even in the US.

  8. They seem to have existed in the 70’s the most

  9. Board games, I just can’t get my head around them and even when I do, I’m ready to do something else

  10. Lost both my parents before they got to meet my son

  11. Gotta be a genuine one though, a smile with your eyes

  12. Feels like something bad is about to happen but you don’t know what

  13. It’s looking more and more like big companies are pushing their money towards VR and meta verse so I think Neuralink type tech and internet in our brains is the next one

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