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  1. She’s the tier that the rest of the family gossips about. Zero self awareness with this turkey.

  2. As someone who has tried for years to get pregnant and failed, fuck this bitch. We’re the same age. I can’t exactly afford IVF (no shame against anyone who can or has done it) but things like this break me.

  3. That’s incredibly pathetic and embarrassing. Just like Hillary.

  4. This wealthy, white woman of much privilege is part of some “Repressed Group”? Did I read that right?

  5. In the near future, there will be psychology classes devoted to her.

  6. They’ll be pissed and really embarrassed. Most likely change their first and last names.

  7. Who the fk is he to make any demands to the police? Oh, I forgot…

  8. She just wants to show off her boobs. I guess she’s also looking for sympathy. She’s a fkn liar. She’s not overwhelmed by anything. I guess the show isn’t going well and may get canceled so they’re looking for an excuse. Her and Alex are absentee parents. I’m sure we’ll see a people article soon about overwhelmed, tired mami 🙄

  9. My goodness, she’s still on this. Get some help, lady.

  10. Willing to bet money this child is autistic. Almost every pic of him is like this. I truly hope for his sake that the parents are getting him the proper help that he needs.

  11. This woman has no fun and excitement in her life. She’s probably in a sexless marriage. Has no friends. Doesn’t eat good food. Wears the same ugly clothes. A big skinny nothing.

  12. I can totally understand why this woman has no actual friends.

  13. They had no business putting a 24 year old inexperienced kid in charge of loaded guns. She sounded like an irresponsible and unprofessional dope when the cops were questioning her after the shooting. Whoever thought she was fit for the job deserves to be sued. Lots of bad decisions from lots of people.

  14. Concurs but also 15 year old black boys are tried as adults and grown ass white women are infantilized and excused for gross negligence leading to a mother's death.

  15. I don’t feel sorry for her in anyway. They should absolutely sue her dumb ass. She deserves everything she gets. As I said, lot of bad decisions made by many. They should all be held responsible.

  16. Did she actually post this picture? WTF? I hope she’s not really breast feeding that poor child. 💊 💉 ☠️

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