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  1. That's the narrative... that I've seen no evidence of myself.

  2. What more evidence do you need beyond Elon paid $44B for it then last week said it's current value is $20B on an internal memo.

  3. why does this matter to me? I'm not a shareholder

  4. What? You claimed you've seen no evidence of the original commenters claim. My citing his valuation of less than half it's cost means he killed it.

  5. I don't think you can count as anyone who went through the Max Siegel D4D as not being pay drivers. They were bankrolled because of the color of their skin or their gender, full fucking stop.

  6. Just making sure you're aware Larson is also a D4D driver.

  7. Interesting thing is, Reddick got a start and park ride due to that money but his funding was cut off from there, Brad found him, put him in the 19 truck and Tyler grinded his way to where he is now

  8. I like Reddick and he probably did have to grind for awhile but his own pop-pops money did start flowing again to advance his career. There is no BKR ride without Broken Bow sponsorship, JRM 9 ride without BurgerFi, and no RCR path to Cup without GimmeRadio sponsorship.

  9. What Bubba goes through? What does he “go through” that other drivers don’t? Stop making it a race thing. He has more opportunities than a lot of other drivers.

  10. It's impressive how short your memory is. Long ago in 2018 before Twitter enacted a feature that allowed a user to have replies with key words hidden from other users under their Tweets the loudest critics were always racist replies. Freddie even called people out for it at the time on DBC and I saw it happen in real time. There's a joke of a YouTube channel called "Black & White Sports" with a clickbait video right now claiming Bubba had a meltdown yesterday. I wonder why they sensationalized it like?

  11. A guaranteed ride with Fortune 500 companies and a billionaire basketball player because of the color of his skin, unlike for instance a blue-collar white southern male.

  12. Do y'all just forget he drove the RPM shit box at it's lowest point after Smithfield left with Aric for SHR and Murstein had no interest in putting money in to run better. You idiots talk like he didn't grind for years and got the ride because him and MJ are black.

  13. I mean this is nothing new and has been the norm for years now. Why would it change anything now? We're only hearing more of it this time because the race had some drivers who didn't realize this is how nascar racing goes.

  14. Seriously where the hell has all this outrage calling for clean racing been for decades. People losing their shit cause a wide up hill straight narrows into a turn back and to the left leading to a crash fest. The end of the race left it on a low note but the amount of crying about it is insane.

  15. Races should last more than three hours once you've traveled and paid major cash to attend one.

  16. This has always been an odd opinion to me but I know it's a common one. Even if I travel out of state or overnight for a race I get nothing more from a 3hr+ race than a 2-3hr one. Like I don't see the time and money spent attending as needing to be paid back in a equal sense.

  17. I just want the race to last a long time. None of this seems like we just got going and now it's over deal. Feel the same attending or TV.

  18. Fair. Personally I'm ready to leave any public event after 3hrs especially outdoors in the sun.

  19. Listening to The Teardown right now it's funny Jeff says Conor Jordan and Jenson seem shell shocked while Kimi knew it was business as usual.

  20. The day I see Ross fans just admit that he should’ve done something different is the day hell drops below freezing

  21. Well there's a screenshot below this comment showing Briscoe was literally pushing Ross into Bowman. That sent Bowman into Suarez.

  22. That's the most likely explanation for someone having BJ flair that's for sure

  23. Hey shut it and don't drag BJ into. No wonder there's so many unflaired users now.

  24. Gibbs should have been parked. NASCAR needs to take control of this now.

  25. I'm tired of y'all squawking all the damn time now "NASCAR needs to take control" like we haven't preferred hands off let the drivers sort it out for the past decade.

  26. Good lord the pearl clutching over this. Y'all must have shit yourselves watching the Kyle/Harvick/Stewart pit road incidents.

  27. And that comment reminds me how close minded others can be.

  28. Cause religious folks have always been the epitome of open minded and caring. Not a bunch of a-holes that use scripture as justification for it.

  29. Probably ran out of money, and never attracted a sponsor or big team to pick him up. And I don’t believe he was ever part of any driver development program.

  30. Also for Chase he had no plans to run Xfinity in 2014 as late as January. NAPA jumping ship from MWR is the only reason he got the 9 that year.

  31. JR literally came out and said ECR found a way to sneak more air into the intake manifold at plate tracks. I'm sure all the teams were trying to do it, but ECR just did it better.

  32. It was reported on and explained by Junior all the way back in 2009 yet we still get these posts like it's a mystery.

  33. This place is full of nascar fanboys your not going to get a positive reaction to chaz here😂 i was at Bulls Gap last year and Byron's performance was embarrsing for sure. Not shocked they are trying to wipe that from the internet. Get ready for 50 "TrOlLiNG FoR Da ViEwS" comments

  34. Reddit shows the date an account was created. Hi Chaz.

  35. The Wire has been hailed as one of the best shows since before either of those other shows even existed, it was just something that people talked about in forums or on web lists since the internet was much "smaller" back then and far fewer people used it as much as it is today.

  36. It had shit ratings from start to finish. It was not popular. This is regularly cited in any deep discussion about the production because it's a miracle HBO let David Simon cook for 5 seasons.

  37. Yeah I'm sure the same people who live to complain about Mike Joy are going to absolutely love Alan Bestwick and constantly post about what a talented broadcaster he is.

  38. Bestwick gets praise for calling SRX the last two years and would likely be an improvement over Mike at the tail of his career. Fox coverage is terrible but Mike's lost a step in recent years so those two combined has people pointing it out. It's not rocket appliances to say someone over the age of 70 may not be the best person for the job.

  39. I do appreciate the ironic phrase of "rocket appliances" when making a point about mental acuity.

  40. The complaint about Clint is the same as it was for DW. Fox tells them to put on the cringe yee-haw act. Most complaints I see from people tired of Clint say his normal insightful commentary is good, the drunk looking for a party bit is not. Same issue with DW, he had a good stretch presenting himself as a well spoken country boy from Owensboro. As he lost that well spoken knowledge the hillbilly part got louder and so did the critics.

  41. Which is good for him, racing > entertainment racing

  42. Yeah the series with DRS, sprint qualifying races, and last minute championship altering rule interpretation is more interested in the purity of racing than entertainment.

  43. DRS is necessary for the racing as a whole, it's not just there explicitly to serve as a free overtake button. NASCAR doesn't have much room to talk on the basis of last minute championship deciders either.

  44. What part of my comment was defending NASCAR? Just pointing out the hypocrisy of motorsport fans that claim F1/IndyCar are less gimmicky than NASCAR.

  45. At least it was more fun than the dark and gloomy short film with Dawson

  46. Speak for yourself. The full cut of the PWR RNGRS Deboot was fun with Zack dropping into North Korea as a mercenary and Katee Sackhoff as Kimberly.

  47. Well gang, the time has come, we have our first OnlyFans-funded race team

  48. She ain't the first. There's some tiktok milf thats been using Onlyfans a few years to fund her dirt late model team with the OF logo and username on the car.

  49. If they draft anyone but Young or Stroud I’m becoming a Chargers fan fyi

  50. I'm a full time 49ers fan if they do. AR-15 is not worth trading away future picks and DJ.

  51. You can pull up the race on YouTube and find it yourself. I'm gonna guess you haven't even tried since you didn't say what race.

  52. Yeah I'm a dick for pointing out the laziness of asking for a clip with no other info than "a recent race". I like helping people find obscure things timestamped to YouTube, when they bother trying themselves first and can give some background.

  53. I think it is to be honest. The profit margins on a fan paying to watch all the races in a season is way more than the value a network gets from that same fan watching a bunch of commercials.

  54. Look at the finances of F1TV and you'll get your answer. It's frustrating seeing many claim "well if they had a streaming service it would do great". Like hell it would. F1TV has a global audience to pull from, cost $80 a year, and been available since 2018. Liberty Media ran F1TV at a loss until last year. The service cost more to operate than it brought in.

  55. It's been 3 years and I still can't read Luke's name without thinking of that gif of Steve Carrell Crying from the office.

  56. Money had nothing to do with it. He even said it himself; He had more money than he knew what to do with already, and JGR offered him more than HMS did.

  57. Don't think they meant more money at HMS for his contract, HMS had more money for R&D and a brighter future than RCR.

  58. Funny, I remember one of the teams trying to delay and appeal a few years ago to get more evidence and their request was denied and the appeal carried on the next week anyway.

  59. How is it some of y'all take one persons speculation and then speculate further as if the first is fact.

  60. While nothing has been confirmed, the comments from Gordon, Knaus, the DBC guys who get information from the garage, the statements from other crew chiefs who’ve made comments about parts not fitting and what they’ve been told and had to do (and this part in particular) make it pretty clear where HMS is taking this.

  61. I'm talking about the first comment saying NASCAR must be collecting team to supplier communication. Cause everything you just listed has been claiming team to NASCAR communication is what would reverse it. I've listened to all the same people the last week and none of it has made it sound like team to supplier.

  62. It wouldn’t have to be fielding another car, it could be anything, but they do the opposite. Hendrick has the shortest leash on it’s drivers trying to act like actual human beings. Gibbs killed Furniture Row, assuring NASCAR never gets to have a team outside of fuckin’ Charlotte. Neither of them put much effort into growing the sport beyond winning.

  63. Once again Gibbs didn't kill FRR and you idiots know it but that's not as much fun to say. 5 Hour Energy leaving early and Barney deciding he didn't want to spend his own money or take a cheaper alliance running slower is what killed it.

  64. The jacked up price was agreed to spring 2018 with Barney saying it was fair. 5HE announced in the summer they were leaving after the season cutting their contract short by a year. If you want to blame anyone look at 5HE cause FRR would have stayed open if they had time to find a new anchor. If Barney didn't want to go from paying $6-7M a year to $11-12M for an alliance then tell Cole Pearn don't piss off the mothership by withholding advances covered by the alliance.

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