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  1. I spent too much time replying to her, but I was genuinely worried she would abuse someone.

  2. How is there not one flashpoint reference in your thread

  3. You sure can sweetheart. Johnnie Red neat, ok, do it, Do It.

  4. Is that a monster logo on his belly button?

  5. I met a body builder that used to do this before shows

  6. It’s like she slammed two Christmas hams into them jeans

  7. Not a great forward thinker. Give it a few years & gravity gets hold, half the tattoo wont be visible, It'll be buried under her floppy pillow. Should've got it o her arm.

  8. Asks for decency on reddit 😂😂😂 jk the person messaging you sounds like such a creep

  9. Bc they forget they were a student/was new once and now think their shit don’t stink

  10. He put this picture on the internet himself 😂 I am well aware of privacy laws. Thanks for the concern 👍🏻

  11. You act immature and are using this to make fun of someone based on your comments and headline.

  12. Tinder is known as the hookup app now so most girls assume most guys on there are just looking for one night stands. On Bumble & hinge, people are looking for more than just sex & the effort you put into your profile would be more appreciated on those sites.

  13. Tinder has always been known as a hook up app

  14. Wasn't there a guy who's muscles bursted because of too much oil?

  15. I'm guessing that's the man who was hospitalized because his oil pipes bursted

  16. Dude was a mad man. Sad too bc he was in really good shape before doing that to himself

  17. Prob was sitting on the bench all day watching her rub guys arms

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