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  1. He’s playing a dangerous game showing unlicensed pics of fans on video m all care-free like that. I hope they don’t copyright strike him.

  2. I heard when he’s offline he’s cutting the tags off of mattress’s

  3. It’s a version of Jim Carey’s award acceptance joke! Dylan is very aware and did it on purpose.

  4. He’s done it a bunch of times. “It’s probably his best joke.”

  5. I’ll support. Photoshoot as the first place prize for the most active comedian is not a good incentive though. I’d rather have money or the trophy.

  6. Thank you for the comment...definitely noted. The idea was that the framed photo would be the trophy...kind of like the photos they hang up in the Comedy Store. Most people seem to like it and I'm pretty set on the photoshoot...but Ill try to think of ways to up the game on the prize to make it better than the others.

  7. Cash + photoshoot is always the answer. Plenty of free photography out there as long as you promise to tag them.

  8. I’m on episode 6. Wtf is going on. Is this the same show?

  9. Haha I know. This pic is a Sandman tv show reference.

  10. I’m hoping they are either a YMH or Austin Powers fan.

  11. Morning dew on garbage. Rehydrates spoiled foods and makes the smell worse until the sun dries it up.

  12. They gave him a mic and instantly took it away because it was awful. He couldn’t see when mic was in front of his face so it would pick him up at the most random times.

  13. And Demar takes an active interest in mentoring the young guys in his squad - Delon, Pascal, Norm, FVV in Toronto, Dejounte, Lonnie, Keldon in San Antonio, Ayo and PWill in Chicago.

  14. Yeah. He even went to Ayo’s UofI jersey retirement ceremony during the season. He a real leader and vet.

  15. They also owned African slaves, brought them with on the Trail of Tears, and fought on the Confederate side during the Civil War.

  16. White people owned slaves too. It's pretty fucked up.

  17. Yep. Everyone of every race owned slaves. If slaves were available, people owned them. Sad but true.

  18. Bizarro Tony is even wearing regular Redbans Indiana Jones jacket.

  19. Veteran guest that actually talks and makes jokes. Hell ya !

  20. This is like when Facebook shows you a picture from 5-10 years ago and you think to yourself... I remember being that happy... even tho I’m richer and healthier... I’ll never be that happy again.

  21. Damn. I wonder how many people kept bugging my mans to move his scooter. He ain’t movin it no more b. He ain’t playin dat shit.

  22. She has plenty of great credits. Mr. Show was amazing. And the snail on It’s Always Sunny.

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