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  1. Honestly, ranks do matter if you're grinding ranked. It's easier to rank up with some characters than it is for others, but a tgp on any character is leagues ahead of a destroyer on any character.

  2. Never assume they are a girl, unless you've heard their voice, seen their pic, been on video chat, and have a copy of their ID and social security number.

  3. Pretty much. Getting the rhythm right is a lot easier if you visualize the inputs correctly. Instead of thinking:

  4. Yea haha, it’s just one of those moves that become god-send moves online, just like backlash, or Asuka low attack where she punches the ground and many others, these moves were all designed for offline gameplay but when it’s used in an online environment, it becomes much stronger, just the unfortunate reality of online gaming

  5. Asuka d1+2 isn't that problematic online. It's average speed and bad range. There are far worse hellsweeps to deal with for sure.

  6. 20 frames low is average speed what are you saying -.- ...that's almost unseeable

  7. Mishima hellsweeps can be as fast as 19f, have more range, do more damage, and give better oki. DVJ's gives a full combo. Leroy's hellsweep is 18f, has great range, and great tracking. Lei's is 20f, but also with great range and great tracking.

  8. Not to be a dick or anything but I think it’s not gonna as useful if you can’t do it faster and without the forward input

  9. It's fine, could be a bit cleaner using more of the backdash animation, but it's perfectly usable in match.

  10. Now do it from 2P side XD (I’m having a hard time cause my ring finger is weak af)

  11. For p2 side just do the regular method, don't socd cancel. Hold b with your index finger, quickly tap and release d with your middle finger, then quickly release and re-hold b with the index. Pause briefly for the backdash animation and repeat. It might feel awkward at first but once you understand the rhythm and cement the muscle memory, it's super easy and painless on the hand and fingers.

  12. I feel my only problem with Tekken is that in high level it might be balanced (or not, idk) but on low level is SO unbalanced that it's hard for me to get more into it.

  13. It's not unbalanced if every character can cheese. It's just an entry barrier.

  14. Oh no, they're going to poop on each other.

  15. You just assume stuff. Try to consider the possibilities. You not considering the possibilities is the exact same reason this Kuni got f*cked. NOT because there is a plaque with green letters, but because the player did not consider the possibilities at the moment. Just like you did not and recklessly assumed things.

  16. It would be a different case if you had a read on the decisions kuni was making and you leveraged them to your advantage, but that's not what happened. Again, first clip she threw a bad kunai and you punished it, basic stuff, no crazy reads. Second clip she misinput her move, you 100% didn't read that she was going for a random UF delayed 3, and if somehow miraculously did, you would have gone for a much better punish like FLY 1. Third clip it's actually possible that you had a read kuni would whiff uf3, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a bad flowchart and was also incredibly risky. If kuni completed the string with uf3,4, you would have likely been hit before FLY 2 came out. And I know she didn't complete the string, but like you said, you have to consider the possibilities, that's what makes for good decision making in Tekken. Based on all the possibilities, the FLY cancel bait was probably not the best decision, but it worked out, and *maybe* you had the very specific read that she would whiff an uf3 without going for the uf3,4, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on this clip and say you might have read her here.

  17. You literally don't know the meaning of "flowchart". Experimental play is the literal OPPOSITE from a flowchart. They are freakin' mutually-exclusive.

  18. I'm genuinely sorry that I could not convince you that your clips were not great. I was trying to spare you from future embarrassment if you were to make more edits and share them lol. I do hope that you eventually see where these clips are lacking and learn to choose better ones for your montages.

  19. God you're so stupid lol. Mids and special mids are not the same thing, not even remotely.

  20. The post is about a new player experience, wherein they are absolutely the same thing. From a new player experience perspective there are highs mids and lows, nothing else.

  21. That doesn't change the fact that everything said in montajay's comment was incorrect. There are no mids that you can low parry. Dickjabs can be low parried, but they are not advantageous on block. Nothing he said was true lol.

  22. This bug has nothing to do with walls though.

  23. Yes, unlikable people all share the quality of being unlikable lol.

  24. You don't even need ai to cheat in chess. Regular old chess engine works just fine lol.

  25. It's 2022 man, clickbait is just normal marketing now.

  26. I guess it's cool? Everyone can backdash at the wall to punish wakeup kicks, but only hwoarang can do it with his right foot forward lol.

  27. Let's just be happy with what we rolled, we could have been playing through a story written by Tetsuya Nomura lol. In the world of Japanese game plotlines, Tekken's is a solid B+

  28. You can play him brain dead until purple, gonna have to start thinking a bit once you're in blue.

  29. OK firstly I wasn't clear - I think IF she cheated it was by knowing 1/both garretts cards only because one of her friends at the table was able to see them and somehow signal to her. None of her previous play AFAIK was suspicious - it was just this one hand which makes the isolated case of seeing his cards. If she cheated this way then it's not like she can just wait for a ton of spots - it's a one time thing and you absolutely take the small edge if you can.

  30. If you were cheating, you absolutely would not commit to an all-in on the turn because you have a small edge. You would play your small edges by playing your cards preflop, flop, and turn, and then if you're the winner on the river, you cash out. Why would you ever gamble all your money before the board runs out, acting as if you won't know for sure who has it on the river.

  31. Because min-raising the turn when you know your opponent is drawing gets you more profit but more importantly it's less suspicous to raise the turn as a bluff than to just float with complete air and then call the river with an outrageous bluff catcher. Cheating the way you said is just terrible if you're trying to not get caught.

  32. I'm no longer invested enough to debate this lol. Long story short, if she was cheating her line sucked. Min-raising in that spot accomplishes nothing, literally asking for him to go all-in. If you're dumb enough to commit to that spot, it's a much better play to just raise him all-in on the turn, that way you at least keep fold equity. If you genuinely believe that she played correctly with hole card knowledge, then you don't understand poker enough me to convince you otherwise.

  33. I mean e4 is pretty much objectively the best opening lol.

  34. My dude, the only right answer is not up there. You always backdash until you have a read on what your opponent likes to do.

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