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  1. No shot im playing this event, i'll pick Hoffman up for collections when he's down to QS price.

  2. I shall snag all of them toward the end of the program for quick sell for the big collection, that's the only collection I don't have most of the cards.

  3. Nothing is gonna change until they COMPLETELY scrap the current engine and build a new one. I feel like it'll happen once they completely focus on making a game for Next Gen, hopefully soon..

  4. This should've been like an extra program in addition to a normal one, not centering the whole 2 week program around them. If they "Pedro" the Holliday card this whole thing is a super L imo.

  5. Even worse when you wait on your pitch, get it, square it up and it goes nowhere or a PP straight to a defender, thoughts ? lmao.

  6. I think this might be my biggest frustration lol. I get really anxious as well sometimes when I see the pitch I'm sitting on, or one that is hanging in a decent location for me, just to have me overreact with the pci and have it be a ground out or a pop out. That pisses me off the most I think. Definitely a distraction for a few at bats after. Cursing myself for missing that pitch three at bats ago.

  7. Yeah, I always just focus on making small movements with the PCI as possible so that'd be my advise.

  8. Now if someone's favorite team doesn't get a full program dedicated to them, they're gonna complain lol

  9. I don't have the mental compacity to deal with too much of the foolishness. I win a lot of my games and I still don't want to play more than a few games of ranked in a week, I'm 28-3 but I just don't like playing it that much.

  10. Muted them the second I loaded into the game for the first time.

  11. Mauer will be needed for a big collection and he's arguably the best catcher in the game, he's been one of my best hitters and catcher is always a thin position on DD.

  12. Lindor swings a noodle bat for me or else I’d play him

  13. His swing took me a while to get used to, then something clicked and he rakes now.

  14. Its a lot of weird people in the lower ratings but it gets kind of normal as you start the play people that take the game a little more serious. A lot of people do quit when they get down but I just take my win a move on.

  15. Mookie might play over Clemente for me honestly lol.

  16. I think making the first big collection a 3000 hit Miguel Cabrera would be sick. And getting that card early instead of late on the year would help it not be so irrelevant by the time it comes out.

  17. Unfortunately contact hitters haven't been really good in game since MLB19.

  18. Sounds like some team bias, but his speed and defense with the primary position he has is keeping his overall down.

  19. Kirk Gibson hitting .250 with him. Don’t know what I’m doing with him. I see the ball but it’s always a fly or groundout.

  20. Gary always has a poopy swing, I never give him a chance lol.

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