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  1. Why? It was an awesome town. Had a lot of fun between there, Manayunk, Philly, etc.

  2. The revenue angle is exactly what MSFT will argue. You absolutely it.

  3. Original post from /r/justrolledintotheshop since OP provided no credit or details

  4. i dont see how shooting someone would prove their manliness, especially since i think thats a woman?

  5. Oh look—you comment about killing someone was such trash that the mods removed it.

  6. I have never heard of fried apples let alone canned fried apples. Are they any good?

  7. I finally tried them tonight. Apparently, I’m going to be the one dissenter (literally looked at all the comments to see if anyone said they didn’t like them). I didn’t think they were good. I’ll probably be downvoted for saying something so blasphemous.

  8. You're not alone. A lot of people have very strong opinions on cooked fruit.

  9. I mean, there’s an apple crisp dessert my SO makes for me (which is what I was trying to lazily recreate), so I like cooked fruit, but I just had really high expectations because of all of the compliments and praise on this sub.

  10. Thinking about those speeds and distances literally make me feel sick to my stomach in a gross way, why is that?....

  11. Because you realize how infinitesimally insignificant we are, and how vast the galaxy and universe is, and realize that we’ll likely be forever alone :(

  12. That's just untrue currently as far as we are aware we are the single most complex thing in the universe, if that's not more significant then a trillion empty floating rocks idk what is. Space is extraordinarily massive and even more so a cold dead void.

  13. Just because we’re complex, doesn’t mean we’re not insignificant. In any case, my comment was tongue-in-cheek.

  14. The driving in CT is pretty aggressive. But, judging from the comments in here, most of you have never driven in places like the South, or Texas.

  15. I don’t even think it’s all that aggressive. I wasn’t surprised by the ranking. I’ve driven all over the country, to include CA, VA, FL, TX, MD, etc., and I think drivers here are pretty great. Most get out of the passing lane.

  16. Chopping logs at dawn and dropping tabs at noon

  17. As an old person this drives me fucking insane. My whole life a peach was a pussy metaphor. Fuzzy. Juicy. Sweet.

  18. Why of all the fake names to choose did he go with "Richard King" or "Dick King". This is weird as hell.

  19. That could be a type of springtail, the rain brings em out of their hidey holes. Ticks don’t have as easily identifiable segments as this little dude does.

  20. I once matched with my ex, with whom we had split on decent enough terms, even if we didn't rrally talk any more, and sent a "hello there"-type of message.

  21. An emergency C-section a month early, then while there had a large fibroid removed after years of it pestering her, then an infection from the surgery...

  22. That is not what I hoped you’d take away from this interaction. Beetlejuicing is maybe my favorite phenomenon in the redditsphere

  23. I find different stores do different things well? it's annoying because I can't do all my shopping in one spot. the aldi I go to generally has good produce & dairy, but very limited choices. the stuff keeps for weeks, though. shop rite or big y is my next stop for what I can't get at aldi, and I have had generally good luck at both, especially with high turnover foods. trader joe's has good stuff but I find the produce overpriced. it does have good prices for eggs compared to shop rite (sometimes I have to buy eggs elsewhere when aldi is out of eggs). I find stop & shop to be an overpriced disaster with food that is sometimes rotting from the inside and don't go there. whole foods is good but I only go there as a last resort bc of the prices. my husband and I mostly use Walden & Butcher Box & local butchers for meat. high quality and local > anything you get at national chains. it requires some meal planning and we don't eat meat everyday, but we can really taste the difference and buying only what we need based on our meal plans saves us money. bonus: I feel better supporting small farms rather than, say, one of those companies that had sick workers on the floor for 12 hour shifts during the first few months of the pandemic. not everyone can afford use meat delivery services, I know, but if you can, I recommend it. or even just a local butcher shop if you can find/afford one.

  24. Which Aldi do you shop at? You can PM me if you don’t want to say publicly. Reason I ask, Aldi is usually notorious for produce that turns quickly.

  25. Why does it seem like every item in the grocery store has gone up like 30-50% this year?

  26. It's a girl, but the whole "worship" you joke still runs. I'm just proud of myself for throwing nailed it in there too

  27. Oh damn. I’m dense! I interpreted that as get on my knees to perform cunnilingus.

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