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  1. I thought Harris did well filling in for Gay. Led the team in tackles I think?

  2. He was a Monster yesterday, was very very happy with his play!

  3. How soft has football gotten when trash talking is considered a penalty for "abusive language?" God forbid someone gets their feelings hurt...what's next, 'stress tents' on the sidelines?

  4. I ain't even mad at him but I really really want to know what he said to get a flag. It must have been pretty good. 😂

  5. I refuse to blame Chris. That was a straight BS call. Our D saved our asses all day.

  6. [HIGHLIGHT] Mahomes loses his cool on the sideline

  7. Oh for God's sake, give them 4 points for a first down.

  8. If you're trying to get someone into football, this is not the game for you.

  9. I am so glad that younger people are now witnessing what it was like during Pujols' prime. He did this stuff in St. Louis, consistently, for 11 seasons. He won a decadal Triple Crown for a reason. Right now is up there for his absolute peak, but he was always close to this top level, consistently, for a long time.

  10. This. I am 42 and my 5 year old is so into it. He absolutely loves "Poo-holes", and goes crazy when he is up to bat. After everything, I cannot believe we are here, but it sure is magical!

  11. If I was a Chargers fan, I would be FURIOUS they sent Herbert out at the end. The Chargers had a less than 10% win probability at that point and one more hard hit could well have ended their season. Especially stupid considering their schedule opens up and is much easier going forward.

  12. Completely agree. Dude showed major heart but it's Week 2 for Christ's sake. I know every AFC West game matter but what were they thinking?

  13. Can we get some kicker appreciation? Tommy's booming punts and Amendola coming up clutch....those boys kept us in it!

  14. That was a good inside kick. But NOT good enough!!!!

  15. How are we not defending the short pass? Like duh.

  16. Yeah I wish him the best physically. The entire first quarter he's going to get MVS and Hardman rotating verticals to see just how good that ankle feels

  17. I'm going to stay in here because I have nothing positive to say thus far.

  18. I just sent a text saying it was the most exciting morning of the year to a family group text which contains non-football people. I had to quickly explain myself. 🫤

  19. C'mon Alabama, stream practices this week, we'll pay for them.

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