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  1. fr, use them on shit that's actually a problem right now.

  2. I-got-a-mother-fuckin-six-inch-cock-with-four-inch-di-a-me-ter-BAWWWWLZ

  3. Marge, i'd like to be alone with the butt for a moment.

  4. Nice to know that the Yugoslavian Wars happened in Cars canon

  5. I hope you're ready for mouthwatering provinces!

  6. They're called shortstacks, they're not little girls officer, I swear

  7. "I just wanted to look like a big man in front of the Baltics..."

  8. Been a while since i watched any of this guys vids.

  9. Holy shit, im glad im not the only person with this problem

  10. OP. You are the worst human being i have ever met.

  11. breastsbreastsbreastsbreastsbreastsbreastsbreasts

  12. Otherwise known as The Batman Movie (2011)

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