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  1. El mala suerte en Tijuana de Hilario peña, es un librito dominguero que se Lee cómo una película

  2. Que bonito se ve Tlaxcala cuando llueve, los envidiosos van a decir que es Nueva York.

  3. Lastimosamente es parejo, a mi también me llegó ):

  4. a jolly badass who sees the food in almost anything....but never let another soul fuck with you, if they do then beat the holy snot out of them

  5. I like spanish for "bless you", it's 'Palea mi'

  6. Looks like Sonic the hedgehog before everyone complained.

  7. Ithandewuy pinches ticos se ponen bien creativos

  8. I'll be asking them if she has any friends... Diggity...

  9. The name of the game is pok ta pok and it's extremely difficult because you are only supposed to use your hips, elbows and sometimes also knees and the ball weights like 6 kilos or so (around 13 pounds)

  10. ban_3jb9r7yw11jbzm39cpmcczta51nc3acpo6pu87oio5y14a1wspcpi5heg7fh

  11. One can judge a book by its bulge


  13. Cómprate un buen colchón aunque al principio lo pongas en el piso, la base vale verga. Es sorprendente cuánto mejora tu calidad de vida teniendo un buen lugar donde dormir.

  14. if you were to stumble upon a group of natives in the 1500s you would see just how lovely and accepting their culture was

  15. If you were to stumble upon a group of catholic people around that same time you would see the exact same thing... Have you heard of the Spanish inquisition?

  16. the difference there is that you could lie to them and would probably live to see another. meanwhile if those natives hadnt ate in a while... it would get nasty

  17. So you haven't heard about the inquisition, you know if they accused you of witchcraft they would tie you up and throw you in to a lake if you saved yourself that meant you were a witch if you died welp then you'll be going to heaven... Not much room for lying there ain't it? And that, my friend is one of the mildest things they where be doing back then.

  18. Maybe you should stop going to nursing homes.

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