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[OC] The worst first half for the stock market in 50 years

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. What is the root cause of this problem? I mean, homes are expensive, but why are they expensive?

  2. It's not expensive everywhere. It's just expensive where people want to live. There's plenty of affordable housing in the US, but people don't want to live in "shithole states".

  3. I work 40 hours a week and I feel like everyday my life inches closer and closer to having to be in a situation like this. Rent and housing is just way too expensive.

  4. I'm not disagreeing but this is a reversal from the last 2 years of tech hiring spree. SWE would have multiple huge offers and negotiating leverage.

  5. Wtf are you talking about? We still do have multiple huge offers and negotiating leverage. SWE's are doing phenomenally. I'd worry more about non-tech jobs

  6. He had a terrible take while fanboying in front of one of his idols. Can we give him a break? We're driving a lot of hate towards this guy.

  7. For those who don’t know or don’t remember, Cambridge Analytica collected data on tens of millions of people on Facebook including millions of people who didn’t even agree to it. That information was converted into voter data and sold to the Trump presidential campaign. Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, gave that voter data to Konstantin Kilimnik, a Russian who according to at least one U.S. intelligence agency is a Russian intelligence agent.

  8. Just to add, even the Senate Bipartisan Investigation state Kilimnik was a Russian Intelligence Agent.

  9. I like the direction, but hate the loss of agency.

  10. No. Just populists being populists. Being angry is more important than succeding.

  11. Delay your 2nd and 4th level points and spend them at 5 and 10. You want to be buying Possession 3 and the Boss at 10, along with Basic 5 at level 11.

  12. Do not buy individual stocks. You are not knowledgeable enough to succeed in picking winners outside of luck.

  13. This will be a gross simplification, but after the 2012 election Rs (some) talked about trying to reach out minorities. But orange-man kind of fucked that path up. It’s kind of crazy to think in 10 years we went from self-reflection to insurrection.

  14. You say that, but Latinos are switching in droves. Many don't see the Dems as the "minority" party as much as the "Black" party. Many feel completely abandoned

  15. The demon is only getting hyper energy if the demon and at least 1 survivor is near an objective. You can pull back from ancients and fight the minions without hypercharge and then move back in to Ghostbust

  16. If they are at that point, they should be in bonds. Not the market

  17. You Bernie Bros are partially responsible for this. Should've voted for Hillary in 2016, but nope. And here we are

  18. From what I'm seeing you took a gamble by gunning for the low health survivor. You lost the gamble by getting greedy and charging headfirst in a straight line at a class with the strongest fuck you firepower in the game. Side step or try to bait out shots next time, still might've not worked, but eh, the strategizing is supposed to be the fun part.

  19. Op literally summoned Evil Ash out into the open with no real army for support. Against a team with competent hunters, that's just giving away the boss for free.

  20. I’d like to see some kind of perk for vehicles given to leaders or something. Like it takes more energy to possess, and the car can take more damage.

  21. Maybe a perk where people riding in a car with the leader don't gain fear.

  22. Ed is becoming more of a must have each patch

  23. A ranged team w/ HAsh and Ed take away a lot of options from the Demon.

  24. This is one of the reasons McCarthy balked. Republican congressmen were in on the mess. He was out of the loop and didn't know about it on Jan 6th.

  25. Possibly because demon complaints were that some sessions were unplayable when certain survivor metas were run. Also, I’ve heard survivors have long wait queues because people aren’t playing demon. So while things are “even” cater to the dwindling player base that the game needs to survive.

  26. Ranged comps that killed your possessions before the animation finishes suck. But the demons should've been compensated elsewhere. This was too much.

  27. As a demon, I welcome the nerfs to ranged comps. But I've only lost 4 times in the past 3 weeks with Necro. Not an exaggeration. The demons did not need most of those buffs. If anything, the survivors needed some buffs.

  28. Republicans are so convinced the Dems cheated in 2020 because THEY were cheating and still lost.

  29. "Suspiciously"? lol. It's a coordinated effort. Populism is a drag on politics in general, and the non-populists are taking advantage of the current climate to root them out.

  30. Well duh. If you are at full employment, your economy is too hot. The answer to that is a recession.

  31. When will we stop looking for solutions from the very people whose policies led us down this road?

  32. When there are sane alternatives. Populism is insanity disguised as a utopia.

  33. Time to be straight up. We admit that we cannot oust Putin. But if sanctions are ever to be lifted that's a clear prerequisite; there's no lifting the sanctions without that level of regime change.

  34. We can. It's just not wise to do so. Big difference.

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