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Willem Dafoe never receiving a major acting award is a insult to the art of acting.

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  1. Maybe I'm confused, but I thought TLOU was remastered from PS3 to PS4. They did it again?

  2. Have you tried pulling them into it? If you slow a trooper’s bolt you can use force pull to bring him into it and kill him. It’s a lot of fun and definitely my favorite way to kill them.

  3. I used to like Watchmen but I read the comic, and I loved it and I’m not even a big comic book fan. The movie copies the comic to a fault, I feel. And I was miserable when I watched his Justice League. I was as miserable watching that one as I was when I watched Joss Whedon’s Justice League.

  4. I'm the exact opposite. I was in my teens when I first read Watchmen (41 now), so seeing those panels come to life was awesome to me. Jackie Earl Haley was perfect as Rorschach. He made an Ultimate cut with the pirate comic spliced in between story beats and it clocks in around 4 hours. Cool to see once, but not something you casually put on to watch.

  5. Haley was the perfect choice and he killed that role! I hate the majority of Zack’s movies. I remember liking Day of the Dead but that’s probably because James Gunn wrote it, I’m a big fan of him.

  6. I enjoy that movie and 300 still, no strong feelings either way. You are correct though, DotD's script is probably it's strongest attribute.

  7. The armor is the Steel Plate Armor with a full Dawnguard helmet. The cape mod is just a simple cloak/capes of Skyrim mod. Not sure of the name.

  8. See how the Mandalorian, which has the title character that almost never takes off the mask in two seasons, ends up having more heart than the recent Star Wars movies.

  9. I agree to an extent. They backtracked hard in BoBF, by Grogu returning to Mando which in my opinion ruined the emotional weight of the season 2 finale.

  10. Yeah, so far none of the other Star Wars live action shows have done as well as Mandalorian, but I always hope. In any case, it proves that you can easily have an amazing character who remains faceless behind a helmet if you try. So many times you can hear the emotions Pedro Pascal puts into the performance so that you don't need to know what's going on under the helmet to know what's going on through his head. Plus, as we all know, it's more badass if you keep it hidden. Master Chief never took his helmet off for a reason, because everyone would be disappointed with the result.

  11. Pedro Pascal is a good actor. I'm actually curious to see him as Joel. But lightning rarely strikes twice with Star Wars lately.

  12. "Goose-stepping morons like yourself should try reading books instead of burning them."

  13. I was thinking make that duel in live action. How close is their fight in Rebels to ANH?

  14. What was aggressive about it? I wasn't the person using all caps and giving ultimatums.

  15. I know exactly what you're talking about. Ugh. Infuriating.

  16. "Have you ever seen a body like this before in your life?!?"

  17. Wow… this just looks… bad. Thanks for posting though. I can’t watch this show

  18. I lost my dad as a teenager, just when I was maturing past the "parents just don't understand" phase, and this scene touched me. He really wanted to make his daughter happy. Don't know much about his role in the comics, but in the Avenger's game he is totally supportive of Kamala. Good dad.

  19. Idk man i was so distracted with the idea of killing him that I could never remember his name lol

  20. Same. Well, I was 21 when it came out. Many nights spent with 40s and joints with friends wreaking havoc. I remember this was the first game with convertibles and motorcycles. We freaked out when we saw Tommy's shirt flapping in the wind.

  21. I started playing it around a decade ago. I would sit in my room playing ps2 games with my radio on and just had pure fun. Despite at the time being a young child in school and having strict-ish parents I have plenty of good memories from those games.

  22. That's the beauty of the Mystery Box™ -- you put $250 million in and have no idea what may, or may not, come out!

  23. You heard The Hand, get the breastplate stretcher, NOW!

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