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  1. Very cool. This is what I want to do with my next job. Live as close as possible to a waterfall

  2. Very nice 👏 👏 👏 . This tickles me cause im very of a mindset of the universe going through fluxes of misery and success. This catches that pretty well.

  3. This is indeed intense. I like the repetition of the phrasing at the start of the lines dividing it into discrete parts. The first 4 lines express a different viewpoint and voice than the ones that start with "death to", and so on with the "bring me" lines, etc.

  4. Thank you for the advice. I mainly write to cope and process and have no real training. I used tontry hard just to rhyme and now im trying to break that habit but s good rhyme just feels so good. Having people tell me other methods is definitely helpful as I never really took any writing classes regrettably.

  5. May I ask your intention in writing? I kind of connect with it in that I have a crush on two friends at once. Is that what you're going for? Or is it ourely subjective? Either way I love it <3

  6. Did you check the other parts? The links should be near the top of the page.

  7. I did. The site I'm using has fan translated game isos of specific games I want. Archive does not.

  8. In that case i would try I know they have fanlations of jp vita and ps3 games

  9. I will check the site. Thanks for Actually assisting me with this issue and not just downvote and scroll. Don't get why help is so frowned upon on reddit 🤷‍♀️

  10. Whoever you made this for inimagine is as happy as you are. Very well done <3

  11. Are they pre patched or just translation patches cause im playing this on a modded ps3

  12. What exactly do you mean by data errors? Can you elaborate a bit more or give us a screen shot?

  13. Wow, you described perfectly that "stare". We all do it, nobody talks about it, cuz how? But you did it! Stuck in a moment, of thought and paralyzation. The sadness in it feels so real also. Still on the outside, thoughts stirring on the inside. Nicely done.

  14. I catch myself doing it so much so I wanted to write about it thanks for the feedback.

  15. Dudeeeeeee this is actually relatable:)) The amount of times I've went for walks. Aimless, purposeless walks.

  16. I like the overall tone of this poem, the repetition that truly captures the seemingly aimless march of life. I feel like the rhyming takes away from the tone a bit, that's me personally. Also I think maybe more repetition of the voices, the thoughts, constantly jeering and taunting, something to add some sort of chaos, to create this frantic sort of march to it. Those are just my thoughts on it, other than that, I thank you for sharing your work :)

  17. Yeaaah issue is was turned into a song alot of that is from chorus lines and such -; thanks for the feedback! It's an older piece. I'm working on rhyming less.

  18. something might have gotten corrupt during the transfer and/or the files downloaded are trash. try to retransfer and or download from another source

  19. Buy the game and you won't have problems. Homebrew is not for piracy. Naming piracy sources violates the rules and is not something we will support.

  20. Tell that to the etsy seller that sold me a ps3 without a disc drive :3.

  21. One way I read it is they Mr mediocre may not have been good at his talents but he was known. And at the end of everything being a memory still keeps you alive.

  22. Very spooky and could easily be transplanted as a foreboding nursery rhyme. (I play too much dnd )

  23. Sounds like peer pressure of a sort. Sometimes friends can ruin you. I absolutely love the lyrical nature of the piece and all the alliteration. This is a style of poetry I aspire to and you have it perfected here. The formatting made it a bit tricky to parse out though.

  24. That's cause I stupidly copy pasted without adjusting and didn't realize it wrapped it tighter. Thanks for catching that.

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