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  1. If I found a correct copy of lycanthrope from grim hollow then yes it is op.

  2. Well I don't even use my bloodhunter features I use shifter traits to mimic wolfy stuff outside combat but in combat I transform immediatly. I just wanna be a werewolf. PLUS it's a villain campaign. So you're right, I'm not using the LORE bloodhunter. But the great thing about dnd is you can play whatever you want. That's the rule of flavor and fluff. I don't have to adhere it's description to play it.

  3. No, all those factors only conflict. Lycan bloodhunters use a bonus action, shifters use a bonus action, and lycanthropy from grim hollow also uses a bonus action. Also, bloodhunter lycanthropy changes the rules of the affliction if you have it. So forget about grim hollow lycanthropy. In my opinion if you weren't a lycan bloodhunter the grim lycanthropy and shifter traits would be quite nice, like shifter is your super sayan 1 and grim lycanthropy is to go even further beyond

  4. Accidentally replied with my alt cause I logged on from the email notification. Anyway it can't just be a class. What would you reccomend? I just wanna be a dang werewolf lol.

  5. And I replied without checking the user. Anyways, Bro I always felt attracted to bloodhunter idea, but I felt it was kinda weak. Do you know by any chance if the class got an overhaul?? I want to play an strength based bloodhunter

  6. It got one in 2020 check it out you can be strength or dex and use int or wis to cast.

  7. Absolutely - we all participate in degrees of evil.

  8. I think its better to not be choosy on morals. Either you have them or you don't. If your choosy it comes more down to just personal bias which has no place in a debate. I'm saying don't say something is bad when you're using a byproduct of evil to say it. That's called hypocrisy

  9. Bunch of creeps up in this sub. If youre so obsessed with who has a dick go do porn

  10. I was 29. I spent my whole life wondering why I hated sex.. Why it never felt good after. Why the pleasure turned into panic. I thought I was a worthless man. That my biology was messed up. Doctors always asked the same things " Are you attracted?" It never crossed their minds.. and then I met someone whom I confided to because it was getting too much.. so from age 13 to 29 I believed that my body is wrong..that I didn't deserve love..that I was broken.. I didn't know that I was ace until I looked into it.. Akiosexual.. So now I know im not broken. I'm 31 and im a tiny bit happier.

  11. Oh wow, Akiosexual! I looked that up, and as part of my general asexuality, I think I'm 95% asexual, 10% sort of kind of demi-sexual and that demi-sexual part is also akiosexual. As a teenager I used to "visually flirt" with men, to be admired, but as soon as they recipricated, I was SO NOT interested! My first partner also used to say it was annoying that I seemed to only be interested in her sexually when we were out and about in public, and COULDN'T really do anything. As soon as we were able to, I wasn't interested.

  12. Yeah it was pretty hard. Especially on the partner I was with at the time when I discovered what I was. Things kinda tapered off and ended horribly. But every person is a living lesson.

  13. I didn't know that flag included furries and adult babies. Is being a furry a romantic/sexual orientation? And isn't age play "just" a kink?

  14. A furry is a person! They're people who just happen to like to dress up in furry clothes and rub up against each other! And I'll tell you something else, DataN0tF0und... I'm a furry!

  15. Can the occupancy of the barrel fit creatures abit larger than what's displayed? Two examples maybe a large dog of some sort or a short humanoid.

  16. Youre exactly right. And the simps fall for the bot posts too.

  17. Bear in mind that critical role is more than just the people on screen so act accordingly

  18. Yes but in this case its been so rounded off its like a step away from just saying "We are sating the current statement we are stating"

  19. You need to recognize that critical role is more than just a bunch of nerds sitting at a table it's a bunch of people who manage this it's producers it's writers it's digital editors It's more than just the celebrities that you want an opinion from And those opinions could get those other people fired people who need this money people who are innocent victims In reality they don't have to give an opinion people just want one they want a side picked.

  20. Yes backpedal. My lord the backpedalling. Obvious intentions and bullshit. My nose is stuffed with the wretched scent of lying diarrhea coming from this company. Hasbro is officially worse than Saban to me now.

  21. See the sales on recent Pokemon games too. People are so strange in how ok they are with poor products.

  22. I played yakuza zero and there was a mission with a councilman of Japan talking about raising taxes by half a percent and they talk about how humans are actually fine with eating shit aslong as it's not much. Talks about how they could raise it more and more over time till they just get used to it. Withstanding the hatred each time as it'll get less and less. It was a harrowing truth a video game showed me. Mayne this is similar. They keep shitting on us cause we prove that it's perfectly okay to do so with minimal blowback. Even if sales drop by 30 percent they'll still have billions. 🤷‍♀️

  23. I tend to follow the silent respect rules. If a friend asks if I wanna see a movie but makes no mention of me paying, I'll still try to get my own tickets but I'll recede if they do it.

  24. So basically, you are secretly, hoping that they’re going to pay for you? Dating is different which was the subject of this. I would never ask my friends to go do something and assume they think I’m gonna pay. Why would I pay for my friends they are adults I’m just asking if they wanna go do something with me.

  25. You made a very weird and rude assumption for no reason. Try re reading what I said and I hope your day gets better 😁

  26. What about a doodle of a doodle doodling a doodle on a doodle?

  27. Absolute PLEASURE to draw. Thank you for the inspiration! :D

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