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  1. Thanks so much - i swear i had been unable until now to understand if it was a "canon" CoC thing or just the work of a random lunatic! Explains better my impression that it looked like a fanmade book now. I agree this is a beautiful book, but it made me feel well outside my common knowledge of the HP Lovecraft work.

  2. Considering getting it for myself, haven't seen it in person unfortunately.. Is it pictures in it or just text, could you please send me if so?

  3. Stopped selling drugs. I realized that I had commodified my time and attention; that the people who were paying to hang out at my house every night were not the people I would choose to be around if I weren’t profiting from it. We had genuine connections and true friendships, but my life reached a point where I had so many customers that I didn’t have time for anyone else. And ultimately, this meant that all of my relationships were with people who regularly used cocaine. This prevented me from growing as a person because I could not seek out the people or environments I needed to grow. As soon as I retired, I began to cultivate the habits and relationships that I would seek out if money was taken completely out of the equation. My life has improved immeasurably since, and fortunately all of the people I really cared about back then have continued to be my friend now that the party is over.

  4. A picture of a dent in a car, for work obviously

  5. I was drugged down and robbed by a ex, im also a heterosexual male so isn't something I talk about to anyone

  6. I was assaulted by an ex. Hard to talk about as a heterosexual male

  7. I was drugged down and robbed by a ex, im also a heterosexual male so isn't something I talk about to anyone

  8. Sleeping 7.5 hours a day. Regularly. The effects of sleep deficit are so incremental - and hence so almost invisible - that you don't realise how much it impacts your quality of life!

  9. Definitely! Sleeping, eating and exercise is essential for a good life

  10. I was born again when I was 29. I width I had done that sooner.

  11. Lol me too, although I've just turned 30

  12. To start my life again, and do things differently

  13. Probably been commented here but I feel vulnerable, I don't like the feeling of my sheets are dirty .

  14. Just go to the kingdom war thingy every time you enter the game, should fix your issue

  15. Emotional idiots like myself. Ugh I hate dating.

  16. That we have fragile ego's and small dicks.

  17. Lol, complaint after complaint about men not having emotions or opening up and as soon as you do, "Fragile male ego" or "male tears" bullshit. You can't win.

  18. Hahah I was being sarcastic, we definitely have fragile egos and the dick thing is just a passing contest aka fragile male ego

  19. I'm going to visit a friend that lives in the capital and I'm feeling so fckn insecure about this whole thing. We are going to hit the city and im at a total loss on what to wear. Have posted a few photos of me on my profile so it might give you some perspective of me to hopefully give me some advice or tips. Btw I don't have the beard now lol

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