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  1. I'm really hoping Fields is taking his one step back in order to take two steps forward.

  2. Amen. I'm so tired of the excuses made for our poor QB play. The good ones elevate the team around them.

  3. Fair. But I’m sick of so called fans giving up on players and rooting against them. Happens every year and every week.

  4. He was already the scapegoat last week. People can’t be bothered to admit they were wrong and that he’s still good.

  5. This post is like shushing someone to get them to stop shushing someone else.

  6. Let’s say that Bears management indeed told this to Glazer. Wtf else are they supposed to say?

  7. He couldn’t be any more right.

  8. Hoge and Jahns are not qualified to be giving takes about a QB. These are guys that didn’t even play high school football, lmao. The problem is two fold. There are problems with the core philosophy of this offense where it seems to be run 70% of the time. It’s not QB friendly in the sense that your QB is so limited in his oops he’s feels the need to be perfect and make huge plays every chance he gets. Also, there’s more evidence this offensive system sucks based on how Denver has been playing as it’s essentially the same philosophy. It’s blatantly obvious Fields has paralysis by analysis right now.

  9. Thank you. Hoge and Jahns are no different than anybody else on this board. Just because they have access to information does not make their takes good ones.

  10. I have a feeling he ends up on Miami or Boston.

  11. You actually agreed with me. But you argued for the sake of arguing. At this point you don’t even know what you’re arguing about.

  12. You pointed out that he has talent, framing it as though he does while others don’t. I said no shit, everyone has talent. I didn’t necessarily agree

  13. Now you’re just reading into it far too much and putting words into my mouth. I framed it as Fields has talent. Nice try.

  14. We won, but man, Mills looked so much better. Justin really needs to show the coaches something.

  15. I'm going to disagree with you there. Field didn't look good, but Mills looked like ass, too.

  16. I didn't say Mills was good, but he looked much better than Fields. There is a difference.

  17. I liked Mills, but he's extremely limited and doesn't look like a starting caliber NFL QB. So the comparison means nothing.

  18. Why do the Bears coaches seem to be content with settling? It’s like they’re just happy to not suck. Bo expectation of being good, just don’t be bad.

  19. Didn’t see it, who blew it: Gordon or Jackson?

  20. If this is so easy to do, why do department stores have that plastic folding board?

  21. I wonder hope much time in his life he’s spent getting injected with steroids. I’m guessing a lot, too.

  22. You rarely see HCs make or accept such a humble move so quickly, they usually fuck up a lot more before they're willing to change lol

  23. He may not have been given a choice. Lol

  24. Saw Andy Frasco & The UN in Canandaigua a few weeks back, and while tickets aren’t on sale yet he said they’re playing the Town Ballroom in Buffalo on NYE, so I’m hoping to make it to that.

  25. Saw them at Peach Fest. So much fun. Immediately bought tickets to their show in Denver

  26. It’s a shame that Police are willing followers.

  27. Saw him in Madison in 04. He was all over the place. Still funny as hell, but really want on point. Still a legend in my book.

  28. I don't entirely disagree. The show is technically a marvel, but for me it just lacks "something."

  29. I would argue that is you watched 3 “slow” episodes in one sitting, it would make it far worse and more boring.

  30. 100% certain he threw it no faster than 45 mph. I used to work at the speed pitch in Milwaukee county stadium. The biggest and strongest guys would always come up with their girls and try to show off. When they threw it 40 mph they would scream and yell about how the radar was off. So I’d pick one up and asking one half assed at like 60. They’d be so pissed. It was awesome

  31. Because people doing ceremonial first pitches are definitely very concerned about their speed.

  32. Tickets will only be increased by 75% that weekend

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