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Update: Found 3 kittens with their mom dead

I needed this today

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  1. She is a very good little cloud 🥹 this is THE sweetest creature I’ve ever met in my life, and she brings us endless joy.

  2. Is she a flame point ragdoll? She looks very happy and well loved.

  3. I called & cancelled my Walgreens account yesterday. Told them it’s because of the company’s ban abortion pills and congratulated them on screwing over half of the population.

  4. Have you not heard the story about Hitler's grandmother telling him he'd never be Jewish and that's why he scapegoated the Jews? There's almost no basis behind that story and even if it is true without it he would have just picked a different scapegoat for his same goal, but my point is that some people have been blaming a woman for the Holocaust for a while.

  5. Not really? It's been told to me, emphasis on "told" because its been spoken word. It's a rumor with almost no basis at all for a reason, I was never trying to claim it has a valid source.

  6. I wanted to read up more on the subject. No offense intended!

  7. I’ve also read advice saying to put nonsense in as the answers to security questions. Like mother’s maiden name is Bananahammock. First elementary school is MonkeysRus. That way family members don’t have the answers.

  8. I can offer you a hug, and my rage. What a fucking horrible family!

  9. My partner and I are coming to Phoenix next month for a concert and a hockey game. We're looking forward to it. We've never been to the southwest other than a couple trips to Las Vegas ... I've been perusing the permanent visitors threads here on Reddit but if anyone has any general advice on how to get the most out of our time in Phoenix (ie, essential restaurants / bars / sights), please let me know. Thanks!

  10. Do community colleges have dorms? Because that’s kinda a must have in my situation, tbh

  11. Community colleges don’t have dorms. Some CC’s do have out-of-state students so they’ll have some sort of information about housing assistance.

  12. What was she reprimanding you for? Just looking at these Church Ladies makes me fume. They’re all so pinch-lipped and self righteous about everything. And they flatly state their opinion as they turn and walk away. Or they lecture you and finish with “there’s nothing to discuss.” There is no conversation, just their pronouncement.

  13. I’m not one to point out flaws (HA!) but Mrs. Purity at the table seems to have a bit of a bra strap issue.

  14. Be careful with designers. I got scammed by one from a reputable company, and then hired & fired a crazy lady.

  15. I’m making my way through the Huggy Holly saga… better than cartoons on Saturday AM.

  16. There is like a .001% chance he doesn't leave her after this.

  17. “Chicken makes excellent treats, Ma. Did you know that?”

  18. Remember whenever they tell you and they're happy to pay for it, it's because they want to control you through it, and it will continue last 18.

  19. I hope you’re in a better place far far away from your birth-giver.

  20. Hi I’m from Houston! I don’t have skates to donate but I’d like to donate a little money if you have a Venmo/PayPal/cash app please DM me.

  21. Same! I’d like to send you some cash. Please DM me as well!!

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