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  1. But how can we still buy Hugo Boss stuff! Even if fly? Shouldn't he have been cancled?

  2. It's sexy clothes. That's why. They weren't Nazis. Just made their outfits.

  3. I'll take them. Don't sort them I'll have fun figuring out what they are.

  4. There is a cool underground tour you can do! It's fun and unique compared to other cities. Pioneer Square has nice architecture too! Just don't hang around too late into the evening.

  5. And? We can fly outside of our solar system thanks to those people. And Nuke whoever we want to

  6. I know a couple. One of them even lost a leg fighting against the Russian Invaders.

  7. I'm not doxxing a personal friend, dingbat.

  8. Where's the north pole ... Why is Mars smaller than earth ...

  9. True it’s possible but no signs indicate it was

  10. He looked like crap with his other projects. No idea I know he was a hardcore meth user.

  11. Do we know if it was drugs? I think all that was confirmed was heart failure induced by a blood clot

  12. Hopefully your niece gets the care she needs. We have an awesome NICU around Seattle where my twin daughters were born.

  13. My wife does. Seriously though you need to be more specific. What kind of cake? Carrot cake? German chocolate? Red velvet?

  14. SS: I guess analysis is clear, Russia is winning and we are being distracted by bullshit.

  15. And we still shouldn't give a single fuck. That's Russia's business not ours.

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