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  1. As others have mentioned they do address the Stunning Strike error later on, but it's also a good demonstration that optimal play is not the be-all and end-all of roleplaying, especially in an actual-play context. I am ride or die for Sophie Bikes and the fact that she isn't a super-efficient combat beast the whole time makes zero difference to my enjoyment

  2. If you're incapable of recognising that "the British Empire" was not a monolith then you're not going to be able to arrive at any kind of informed or meaningful position on the process of abolition of slavery

  3. The friend I have a crush on said something really nice about me while a bunch of us were playing video games last night, and even though I know nothing is going to happen I'm still riding high on that wave this morning. Unexpected compliments are the best feeling

  4. Constance by Spiritbox had a similar effect. The song alone is very emotional, add in the video and there's a pretty good chance it will make the viewer cry (by way of a content warning, the video is about a loved one experiencing dementia). I've definitely noticed a much more accepting attitude to feeling sadness being demonstrated in the way people online reacted to the song

  5. It's good, but it's no "I'm Corazeon de Ballena, human pirate rogue, ladies, get yourself a man who does all three"

  6. You're not alone. I've been over Oxventure for quite some time now, for various reasons, the main one of which is that they're not really playing D&D anymore. The ruleset and the coherency of the campaign world come second to the jokes.

  7. Yeah I think this is a big part of it, and when you throw in the sheer amount of content they produce and the total lack of stakes, I've just lost interest in following it

  8. A love craft horror game that brutally makes fun of what a dirtbag love craft himself was

  9. HP Lovecraft held a number of thoroughly awful views but mostly he was just perpetually terrified of everything after a miserable childhood, spending an entire campaign dunking on him would be neither fun nor fair

  10. Given that using dating apps does nothing but destroy my self-esteem and I therefore avoid using them, it only seems logical that if they boosted your self-esteem you would use them more to get that effect

  11. Another shout for Blades in the Dark here. Love that system and it's significantly distinct from D&D

  12. These polls are fun, and it's been interesting seeing how many of the tracks from In Stasis top my list since I didn't realise I preferred them to the back catalogue as much as I do, but there's just no contest here. The Cimmerian is a banger but I, The Destroyer is next level

  13. Yeah, we're pretty fucked. We wound up with a bunch of libertarian fuckwits running the show. Don't let it happen to you

  14. I haven't, but have watched through all the narrative scenes from it.

  15. Book 9 ends with something pretty humongous, and from Book 11 basically all the way through to the end it starts getting really good, but I can appreciate not necessarily being willing to stick it out to see all that, even without the fact that Book 10 is one of my all-time least favourite reading experiences

  16. Malins is Alex Goode mk. 2 - a very skillful player who will do well at a club with a dominant pack, but doesn't quite offer the points of difference at international level that rivals do.

  17. Except that Malins was excellent at age grade in international games, whereas Goode barely played and wasn't very good

  18. I was specifically responding to the claim that there's no meaningful distinction between Malins and Goode

  19. England, and I guess Sky Blues. I'm not really a football fan though

  20. If it did why are all the top restaurants in Britain French?

  21. Ooooh, I suspect this will be something of a savaging. MFL is... not great, but for On The Street Where You Live.

  22. Friendship with Loathe ended, now Sleep Token are my best friend

  23. Vi is too well adjusted for a person who violently lost family and was held in isolation during formative years.

  24. Vi is.... not well adjusted. At all. She's less toxic than Jinx, but then so is literally everyone

  25. Couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery

  26. My personal favourite is "they could fall into a bucket of tits and come out sucking their thumb"

  27. The sound effect is what propels this into the territory of pure art

  28. Cov is such a great club, lived around the corner from their ground for a couple of years - was lots of fun!

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