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  1. Hot seat is like playing risk as a group with one controller being shared for each turn

  2. Is there a powder soap dispenser with a push up button nearby?

  3. I've had two colonoscopy's now. The first time, about 20 years ago, I was wide wake. I would not advise anyone being awake. Think of the worst gas pain you ever had, now picture two people being position near your arse while having that pain....

  4. I’ve had two , both without anesthesia. The first time the plan was to be under anesthesia, but my blood pressure was too high and the doctor decided to go with a local anesthetic. It was fine, and I had a good view of the screen which made it an interesting experience. Now, the endoscopy was horrible, trying not to gag as the shove the camera down your throat.

  5. Maybe get a google voice number so that if they text you you can confirm receipt. But set up the GV number to send all calls to voicemail. And use a 2nd gmail account for the voice account so you can just ignore all notices from the voice.

  6. That looks good. Did you toast up the nooks and crannies before adding cheese?

  7. When I was in business school we went down the the Allegheny county court house and it was pointed out to us that only family court had metal detectors.

  8. My new manager has been writing emails to the team using UR instead of your and I want to tell him it’s inappropriate for business communication. I’m in my late 40s and he’s either my age or older.

  9. Next in the playlist: Ol' Dirty Bastard - I like it raw

  10. Is that how your country measures metal quality?

  11. Were you at 6% contribution all year? Did that include bonuses?

  12. Yeah, most needed for company match. last year I was around 18% most of the year.

  13. Let's say you contributed 6% of 100k to the traditional 401k. That's 6k. 128k - 6k = 122k MAGI and that's under the start of phaseout at 125k.

  14. Can’t believe I didn’t take out the 401k contributions, my dumbass was just calculating with gross pay. Now if my calculations are correct I think if I hadn’t made the changes I’d just squeak in under 125k.

  15. While I haven’t played in about a year, Grand Theft Auto V

  16. Distressing refers to a surface treatment of fabric that makes the material appear faded or wrinkled as if worn many times

  17. 105.9 The X - Pittsburgh Early on, when Howard would go to commercial breaks, they would play music.

  18. In Nov 95, Howard first aired on WXDX 106.7. Since the 1940s, WAMO had been 105.9, and in April of ‘96 they switched signals. WAMO moved to 106.7 (in WashPa 107.1 worked better), & Howard to 105.9 the X.

  19. Some new cars,Mustangs at least I’ve read they have a quiet mode to not be dicks in residential areas.

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