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  1. This is actually Elberon Ave. The people are walking up the steps to Mt. Echo park.

  2. Thank you! It comes from an archival collection of a Cincinnati resident who was here from the 1920s - 1970s

  3. You're welcome. I love seeing these old photos of our city.

  4. This link will tell you everything you want to know about Cincinnati transit history. Including these tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad.


  6. This is one of my favorite maps of our city. There is a chance that the street you live on is named after a family that owned land nearby.

  7. This train trestle would have been right where I71 is now, from just south of MLK exit to around where the Greyhound station is located. The tunnel was to replace the dangerous trestle and is also partially visible in this photo.


  9. This sucks Mr. Hand! It's a shame to see it go away and I can only imagine how you must feel about it.

  10. The only place I'm aware of was at Christ Hospital last week.

  11. Not sure about drivers being normal but I have noticed more of a police presence. I think CPD was approved for overtime due to the expected increase in crime as it gets warmer.

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