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  1. Kanata’s transformation scene, when he uses the Ultra D Flasher to transform into the new hero Ultraman Decker, was first revealed in the latest preview trailer (

  2. Oooo, would you mind share the link to their profile?


  4. Too soon to have yet another UR, confirmed by JP to be SSR.

  5. The new TV series Ultraman Decker begins broadcasting on the TV Tokyo Network in Japan from July 9th, 2022. Every Thursday at 5pm JST, we will be introducing you to the series’ latest news, including the main cast members starring alongside Kanata Asumi, the protagonist played by Hiroki Matsumoto.

  6. 12 episodes, 2 discs, 25.99 USD, releases September 20th like with Cosmos.

  7. Available from construction for a limited time after the next maintenance.

  8. They played the second theme in TDC as an insert.

  9. 65 episodes + 3 movies specials, 8 discs, 49.99 USD

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