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  1. I teach ESL, so yes. I no longer write in cursive because students who don't use the Roman alphabet in their first languages will not be able to read cursive in English.

  2. You had me for the current office with “shares wall with student study space”.

  3. Yup! My previous office was next to the tutoring center and it was so distracting hearing all the students taking right outside my door. Not to mention, they used to look through my window a lot. My new office is much smaller and doesn't have such a great view, but it's nice and private. Students feel more comfortable coming to get help during office hours

  4. At my cc, we are not permitted to grade on attendance. I only keep track of attendance the first two weeks so I can drop no-shows. I'm surprised so many professors grade on attendance. Why? It's so frustrating to keep track of students' absences and excuses. What's the point? Using attendance as a "carrot" to get students to conform to our ideas of what a "good student" should do? Research shows that this approach does not work and if anything, it is harmful.

  5. exactly. Just like adults don't have to show up for work either. it's just that they'll get fired if they don't.

  6. I stopped caring about attendance. If students can complete their work without attending class, why should I care whether they come or not? And if we're making comparisons to college and the workplace: remote work is becoming more common. Companies that micromanage employees' "work attendance" received a rude awakening when they realized employees preferred to work from home and this shift didn't impact their productivity.

  7. Ignore it. It looks desperate and unprofessional when professors respond to their comments, trying to do "damage control" on an unreliable website where students go vent their frustrations.

  8. I detest the logic of #2. Giving 50% for submitting no work runs completely counter to any standards of integrity we are trying to hold students to. To my mind, this is an argument for accepting late assignments, not for giving out points for literally doing nothing. If a student faces hardship, I am willing to extend them a little extra time to complete the assignment.

  9. And I wonder how it would for students who submitted the assignment but scored lower than 50%. Would they keep the lower score or would we have to give them extra points to put them above students who didn't do anything?

  10. So you are suggesting that wrongdoings from the past should be "reversed" by basically doing the same thing now, just switching skin colour?

  11. Imagine equating systemic racism and deliberate exclusion with made-up scenarios about white people being denied public transportation access. Your whole post is unhinged. So glad people like me made you leave academia because I can't imagine how you'd treat POC colleagues and students. Good riddance.

  12. I'd treat them like I'd treat anyone else. And indeed, POC colleagues appreciated that.

  13. Sure. Until you go an unhinged rant about how they're getting hired is equivalent to white people being denied access to public transportation.

  14. I'd say it's fine. I've purchased patterns from many independent bag designers and they always say it's fine to make and sell the products on a home-based scale. Some suggest giving them credit, but I don't know of any who object to people selling items they've made with their patterns.

  15. Devotchkas are Nazis unfortunately. The singer is a hardcore bonehead and some of the temporary members have said stuff about how the rest of the band made them feel uncomfortable for not being white enough.

  16. Yeah, Stephanie is a Nazi, but I haven't heard anything else about the other members? The drummer, Gabrielle, seemed to be with them for a while and she looks poc. She'll be joining them for a reunion show in September, but they got JJ doing vocals and not Steph.

  17. I'm in the UK, the order was to the US, according to the USPS website it's going to be $66 to return it to me. This sounds insanely high to me it's only 250g package. Is there a better was to ship from the US?

  18. In my shop policies, I specify that buyers are responsible for return shipping. You could offer to send her the shipping label and subtract the cost from the refund

  19. Can you report her for feedback extortion? It sounds like she's threatening to leave you a bad review if you don't give her what she wants

  20. Yes. Can we talk about this. Global shipping when used with eBay cost the same amount as priority mail. But yet Etsy charges the same as international shipping and packages are so late. I’ll actually ship out of the country all the time and I have been for seven years. Before global shipping I would mail something to the UK and it would arrive in three days. No joke I would get so confused why a customer would be leaving me a review so quickly. But then I would look at the tracking and sure enough the package was delivered. On average my packages will take about 5-9 days to international customers. The only place that I waited longer was the middle east. That was over four weeks. But hands-down all the other ones were never an issue in arriving quickly. I am just one person so I feel like I can’t really make a difference if I complain but I wish other people would complain about this. Global shipping is terrible. I’ve had packages delivered to months later! TWO FREAKING MONTHS! And again… I wouldn’t be mad if they charge the same as priority mail. But you were charging so so much for packages to be crazy delayed? Something about this isn’t right and we need to stand up and say something!

  21. Yes! I read on the Etsy forums that other sellers had the same issues. I sent an email to Etsy about it but I doubt they will do anything

  22. You messed up by making your wife the sole caretaker of your nephew. She's seen her future if you decide to have children of your own and it's not pretty. One send your wife on a retreat and don't nag her with questions on how to do things when she leaves. Get a nanny when she's gone and someone to come in to help her with housework at least once a week. Then go to some couples counseling. You guys need to learn to talk to each other before things get to the point where things are this bad.

  23. She did. In his post, OP says that his wife told him that she was overwhelmed by the second week, but he didn't do anything. Now that six months have passed, she's burnt out and he's scrambling trying to get her onboard again. As others have mentioned, it seems he was expecting his wife to take over most of Aiden's care

  24. She might not have had the $15 until her next paycheck? That’s a case where I would have just scanned the required pages for her that one time.

  25. Nah. She sent me that message after I offered an extension on the assignments for the first week. She actually never ended up getting the book. She didn't want to buy it.

  26. I also had a student tell me that she couldn't do the homework for the first week because the book was too expensive and she needed the money to pay for her cat's medication, rent, and car payment. The book was $15 and I had emailed students one week before classes that this was the required book and they needed to have it by the first week. Ugh.

  27. You could just trust your students? If students are making up bizarre excuses it might because they don't think you are understanding and/or reasonable OR they are embarrassed about what is going on like they didn't understand, had an actual emergency, or maybe they are just experiencing something overwhelming that got in the way of their ability to manage the workload. Give them a bit more flexibility and stop trying to play gotcha with student excuses.

  28. Or it could be because they are not properly managing their time and think that giving a sob story will grant them more leniency with clearly stated course policies.

  29. I read somewhere that Brother machines can't shir well. I've tried with numerous Brother machines and have determined this to be the case.

  30. I stopped doing low-stakes essay drafts for this reason. I usually have students submit an outline and this helps me catch errors before they draft their papers. Once they write their essays, students don't want to go back and revise them.

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