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  1. I’d say the archers deserve worse. I wish I could gouge their eyes out and skin them alive. Thas just me though

  2. It's just full of rice and no meat so it's all carbs

  3. i feel like it’s alts and logs like seeing someone drop 30 dls in a random world with just a donation box seems a little sus

  4. But who is monitoring all of that? I know a guy who has bought multiple bgls in the last few months yet he is not banned. But he does have an old account

  5. For me it’s good looks and money. Women like that. Although don’t expect a meaningful relationship from my methods.

  6. Looks good. Only recommendation woulda been to add terrain as to not see the bedrock upon entering the world. But that is an issue you cannot fix now. But keep that in mind when building your next world

  7. I see, thanks for that. I don't really know how to make good terrains, my best shot was the dirt and cave dirt combo and it still looks bland :(

  8. I would get a lawyer and ditch that woman. That is not my child. I’ll only care for a child that has my blood

  9. Hurts a lot. Feels like swallowing a bunch of lava man. Speaking from experience

  10. How is that so? Lava is hot, water is not

  11. Im not sure how to describe it but that's how it feels. I inhaled a solid half litre of salt water and almost died. It felt so hot. like it was going to burn a hole through me. so so very painful


  13. Over confidence. A woman who was a solid 7 and nothing to offer besides her looks was acting like she was hot shit. She couldn’t cook, she didn’t have any interesting hobbies and skills, and her personality was as bland it could possibly be.

  14. his networth is well over 2bgl. one of his item is already 165dls

  15. ok buddy calm down youre attidute coz im gonna go to youre world and \report immediately. your dumb fuck

  16. 10/10. All of the sets I’ve seen thus far are terrible. I like yours because it is unique and original. Also brings back memories

  17. Had this happen to me. I just said “wrong person” and left

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