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  1. To be honest, if they asked me when I was in Year 7 I would have swept my bangs over my eyes and told them:

  2. Well you know some people can be forced into getting a tattoo like a spider web face tattoo don’t you?

  3. You're gonna tell us about your friend Tim again, aren't you?

  4. Preston park because of the Rockery Pond, granted I need to check a lot more out

  5. The mole is really gone! I can take a picture with wherever common object and upload it if that serves as any proof

  6. The number of people who still don't know how to do airport security properly is baffling, to be fair. And all the people who can't seem to follow the very simple instructions on the e-passport machines. Those queues would go a lot quicker if it weren't for that basic incompetence.

  7. People flying for the first time or not flying often are likely to be more susceptible to decision fatigue at an airport. Making them more forgetful, easily agitated and anxious.

  8. Easy. Pedantic Redditors and taking things far too seriously.

  9. Maybe you aren’t doing these things vigorously enough. Try masturbating more by fitting it into your normal routine I.e. during your break at work, on the bus going home work, church on Saturday or in the shower after a work out in the gym.

  10. This is some solid advice thank you. It will be nice to do somewhere different too, the bushes outside the local school have lost most of their leaves in the heat and I'm tired of running away from the angry parents.

  11. On my mate's first day working at Sports Direct the Store Manager was arrested and a customer and ex-employee had to teach him how to use the till.

  12. Wait, there are mass executions in the UK?! Well, are the government doing anything about this?

  13. Lol the ones that I get are about online dating. Makes me wonder what makes them target specifics adverts at certain people because I don't do any online dating nor do I think I have ever shown an interest in it on Reddit.

  14. I've used it several times this morning, some pretty heavy usage. Everything is perfectly level. Nothing wonky, nothing wavey. There's a slight tilt on a kitchen cupboard shelf though.

  15. I attended a protest about it last year. It's been known for a while it's part of the Elections Bill.

  16. And of course people in the YouTube comments defend Boris and call out May. At least he 'got Brexit done' eh?

  17. Youtube comments are just like writing on a toilet wall. It's best not to take notice unless they're funny.

  18. I'll have you know, whenever I see a hurt person I spend four hours chasing animal rescue centres. Every time.

  19. How I do I explain to the dog that it will need to not go to the toilet for over 12 hours?

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