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  1. It’s your carb cap. Is there an air intake at the top that you need to cover with your finger while hitting? I have one similar to that.

  2. Silica gel pack, reused from vitamin bottle or something like that, for the stuff you buy.

  3. Seconded. And I worked at a well regarded NJ dispensary. Exactly what you stated.

  4. There’s going to be a metal disc on the inside of your battery where you screw it on. It often moves and misses contact with the charger or cart, it’s designed to move. Get a safety pin or paper clip and adjust it. If needed get tweezers and pull it forward. Mess around with that metal disc until it chargers again.

  5. Is recreational legal in DC? I thought it was medical only.

  6. Yea recs legal in DC, grey area so it’s like a gifting type thing. I believe now though you can self sign up for a temporary medical card too. Im a big fan of Tacoma Wellness but I haven’t been in a while. Quality is what your used to in Cali.

  7. Hey thanks man. This is a huge help. Seriously this is going to help me. Much appreciated

  8. On the top of your battery where it screws in is a metal plate that has come loose. Its not making contact with the charger. Simple, take a tweezer fine tip and adjust it so it makes contact. They’re supposed to be able to move so it happens from time to time.

  9. them with Super Lemon Haze and Zen Leaf with Sunshine OG just last year. So sad that things went unstable with 4/21. I first went there last year upon becoming a patient and instantly found some relief..

  10. Forgot about Super Lemon Haze. I also really liked their bubblegum and East Coast Sour Diesel. The rec program did a number on the already established MMJ. But in the end I’m all for rec, eventually NJ will get there.

  11. very unfortunate old harmony was amazing but 1 thing has not changed with Harmony the Head of security is still a dick that dude must hate life! He thinks he's RobO cOP

  12. Yunnan Sourcing has some good certified organic teas. I particularly like the greens but they have some whites. Not top tier by any means(like most of their tea), but good daily ones.

  13. I thought they made something like this, this year for the Platinum Jubilee? I think I remember someone posting a tin pic or something earlier this summer on here. Worth checking out as it might be a similar blend to the Diamond Jubilee blend you liked. A lot of the Royalty commemoratives are collectibles, so that explains the high value.

  14. I understand where you’re coming from. There is a lot of bad/fake tea out there. Also a lot good easily had.

  15. Enjoying some Wu Liang Mountain Organic Mao Feng from YS. It’s good, but I don’t enjoy it as much as some of my other green tea. A temperamental one.

  16. You can make cold brew with anything really. Especially for teas that tend towards bitterness. Cold brewing really dials that down and opens up other flavors. Worked for me with a bad TGY I had.

  17. Ali Shan and high mountain tea can be pricier in general. I enjoy Floating Leaves and Eco Chas versions though they wouldn’t be considered a value tea.

  18. I would suggest trying a baozhong (pouchong) oolong, just because it's one of my favorite varieties! Since you already get tea from adagio, I'd suggest their formosa pouchong (a bit pricey, but their sample size is a decent amount).

  19. Agreed, approachable fantastic style of tea. Adagio’s is pretty good. Though Floatingleaves takes the cake for me. Eco Chas is good too

  20. I haven’t ordered from them this year, but most likely waiting for the new stuff for this year to come in. Its a single person running it, small business. I believe they used to post on here years ago.

  21. Never been impressed by YS’s Tie Guan Yin’s. Similar thoughts to you. I’ve tried all grades and competition that they label is just okay.

  22. Do you have any recommendations for top quality TGY?

  23. Floating Leaves Muzha TGY is good. I have heard good things about Mei Leafs TGY as well, but honestly you probably know more of better TGYs than I do, I’ve never been that big of a fan of the style.

  24. For the Jasmine, thats easy enough, just look for a good Jasmine pearl tea. Some online suggestions, Yunnan Sourcing and Teavivre.

  25. Can’t speak highly enough of Floating leaves. Remember if US based they have a US site for faster orders. Floating leaves’ baozhong is consistently amazing.

  26. I think it really depends on the type of tea. Some types you can get relatively high quality cheaply, others seem to require more money for better examples. I would always choose less of a higher quality tea than more of a lesser one.

  27. Really enjoying this Gao Cong Shui Xian from Old Ways Tea. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I like it more than the Lao Cong. Hope everyone has a great day, wherever it finds you!

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