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  1. My thoughts were that resisting that temptation would help break the bond between the two even more.. is that logical?

  2. Keep in mind that Nofap is not "anti-masturbation" or anti-sexual desires". Thinking or dreaming about sexual stuff shouldn't be a bad thing. Nofap is a 90 day challenge trying to treat people with porn addiction, so as long as you don't watch any porn or masturbate during the challenge, you're good.

  3. The best advice I’ll give you is that it does work. Period. You know that it works, your brain is looking for loopholes and this is one of the more common loopholes it tries to use.

  4. You can't you will not do it forever you should say you will try to become better to build habits that will help you get rid of this addiction once in a week or month or year or whatsoever.. you should be realistic too.

  5. Why can’t you stop forever? A lot of people have, and while it is a daunting task, it provides so many benefits to your life.

  6. But what I'm saying is that he will not do it forever and not forever so work on not doing it most of the forever (the lifetime).

  7. Of course he won’t continue it after his lifetime, saying he won’t do it forever is a way of cementing it in your head that you will never do it again. Also using the word forever is a lot more inspiring to oneself than saying “for the rest of my lifetime”.

  8. Thanks for sharing your story bro🙏 porn is a disgusting thing. I know what it’s like to helplessly give in to temptations. As we speak I was just about to give in but stayed strong! A tip I have is to do some research on the way the brain works on porn. There’s a good series on YouTube. It explains why we become addicted and also how to stop it. Learning how and why the brain acts towards porn has helped me learn why certain things are happening and helped me prevent myself from relapsing!

  9. I actually came across that series I believe, FreeMedEducation? It is educational but also opens your eyes to what is happening to your brain. I think it's a good idea to go back and rewatch those videos if I feel the temptations are ever too strong.

  10. In Highschool when I would see an attractive girl and i wouldn’t feel the need to approach her because I could go home and masterbate to pornography. I would watch porn very often at least 5 times a week. I think the availability of pornography and also my own insecurity destroyed my desires to approach women throughout highschool. Now I am a virgin at 20 and After quitting porn for months, I’m on month 4 now, I find myself masterbating to the thoughts of past sexual experiences rather than porn. After quitting porn I went though a flatline period where I had no sexual desires for about a month and now I feel like I’m going through puberty all over again, it’s super strange. I’ll have the urge to jerkoff at least once a day and I also get random boners. More importantly, I feel the desire to actually approach women. Porn is very damaging brother. Once you’re able to see the benefits that quitting porn bring you, I think you’ll truly be able to quit watching it. I wish you the best of luck!! You got this!

  11. Thank you for the words of encouragement! Congratulations on reaching month 4, that is a milestone I can only dream of right now but I am excited to experience it for myself when November comes around.

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