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  1. oh... it wasn't obvious, no mention of it. Guess that's usually what comes up in my recommended then. thanks

  2. It's super easy to conceal a fake blood packet in the palm of your hand if you're shooting a movie or acting in a play.

  3. You got downvoted but I agree completely. Joffrey is not casted (looks wise) well at all. Incredible actor and portrayed the character amazingly well but just didn’t nail the visual factor.

  4. The way Joffrey looks isn't really important to anything, so this is just nitpicking and not an actual criticism

  5. So if they casted an ugly Cersei that wouldn’t have been a poor choice to you?

  6. Why are people in this thread pretending Jack Gleeson is ugly? He's handsome, just not as incredibly handsome as Book Joffrey.

  7. There are at least two separate stories where they use them to carry tea trays

  8. I don't know why anyone prefers Clara with 11. Obviously people are entitled to their opinion, I just don't understand it.

  9. But they're both consenting adults, so... why should I care enough to butt in?

  10. Yeah, because we wouldn't want 19 year olds going off and having affairs with 900 year old aliens???

  11. If you're ranking episodes by how much it adds to the "canon" of the show, then at least 70% of all Doctor Who is at the bottom.

  12. And the episodes that add a lot to the "canon" are frequently crap anyway.

  13. Said guy being a white supremacist QAnoner who has been doing way worse then criticising a TV show. Yeh, he was in the right. And people act like Patel is Grob over this.

  14. Also it's funny that OP said "too many issues" but they were actually just referring to one specific thing

  15. Apart from that I haven't heard anything bad about Vinay Patel. Anyway RTD called Nadine Dorries an effing idiot.

  16. I prefer "just a time lord" because it's the one that spends the least amount of time talking about their origins, which I've never found interesting. I don't hate the idea of the Timeless Child but it's kind of boring, given how much of the story is dedicated to it, it doesn't really tell us anything about the character.

  17. Honestly the amount of times I’ve confused those stories is beyond belief

  18. Kind of gave up on finishing Doom Eternal. I enjoyed it, but I got to the Khan Makyr bossfight, and I was already losing steam, and this boss fight was just annoying me. So I stopped playing and uninstalled it. An anticlimactic end to a game I otherwise liked a lot.

  19. I loved how he did handled The Color Out Of Space. He starts off acting normally, and shows his character's descent into madness by acting more and more like Nicholas Cage as the film progresses

  20. I don't buy the Doctor would create a real person that he knew would have to die just because he was scared of what he might do to the family of blood.

  21. Literally the whole point of Family of Blood is that he did. The emotional moments of that episode don't make any sense unless you agree with Joan that John Smith was a real person who died

  22. Lots of people confess to crimes they didn't do. So yes, the trial would continue as usual. A confession is a piece of evidence but it's not conclusive.

  23. Alternate question: Some British singers sound distinctly British all the time when they sing, are they going out of their way to do this?

  24. Some of them are. Some of them just aren't trained to sing in a way that flattens out the accent.

  25. I’m no linguist - but I believe it has to do with dialects in English primarily being distinguished by the way we pronounce vowels (obviously there are other nuances) - vowels are sounds produce by continuous voiced air being passed through the mouth - when we sing that passage tends to become more uniform and the differences in vowel pronunciation becomes more subtle. So it’s not so much as they sound more American - it’s that all English dialects tend to sound more uniform.

  26. Yeah, some singers are deliberately trying to sound american, some are just singing in a way that sounds neutral. If you're American then you interpret a neutral accent as American. But people who aren't American don't. No British person listening to, say, Ed Sheeran's singing will think he sounds american.

  27. If they like being angry then surely they find being angry at things interesting.

  28. Also remember to hold up a big sign with your PIN and your mother's maiden name on it

  29. Scenario A: You go to your boss on your own and say "I'm not going to work for you until you agree to pay me better".

  30. Eh. Ill just appreciate the justice after the killer is dead and I’m in court. Getting 40 years for taking a life of someone is so not even remotely close to justice that i would happily serve it if it means i can bring actual true justice.

  31. A simple trick is to just watch shows you enjoy and ignore the rest of the associated nonsense. I find R&M funny. I don’t give a shit about the online fan base. I don’t care what other people think about the show. It’s entertainment, not part of my identity. People are way too up their own assholes with the entertainment they consume these days.

  32. My best advice if you find a show you like is don't subscribe to it's subreddit. They will ruin it for you.

  33. Unfortunately this is why they end up like that, all the reasonable people think "Fuck this sub is annoying" and leave, and you're left with just the people who want to complain

  34. I need to learn this, too many times I want to check out discussions about a show I like and its just awful negativity everywhere.

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