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  1. No Jule has been around for well over a thousand years plus…Can we stop with all the nazi and white supremacist questions… I mean ask yourself a simple question, are your beliefs racist or folkish? No? Good then let’s please move on and not assume an SS sympathizer are around ever corner. I have been a Norse pagan for years and the amount of time I have ever actually met one of these people is like less then 1%

  2. Hey chipper, I’m followed of forn sed. I have 75% Danish and Norwegian roots, the rest is German and Scottish. I love my ancestry and I love/respect the gods. I’m not sure whether my ancestry and my feelings about them are mutually exclusive or if I would of found them if say I was Portuguese or From Kazakhstan. I never had an issue of people who were from outside of the sphere of being Germanic decided to follow the gods as it is not my place to do so. I also can’t with confidence say the gods mind one way or another, although I doubt they do. I think the only thing we can do is try to be “good” people, honor the gods and be there not to proselytize but show through example what it means to be pagan. I don’t put in much thought into the folkish groups or any of the white supremacists. They feel the way they do about certain aspects when it comes to beliefs that that they hold, doesn’t mean I need to feel the same. Being a Norse pagan is for all people and ethnicities. I’m not a fan of gate keepers but i also do not get heavily involved with SJ work either. I just try to respect people for who they are character wise not how they identify or what their race may be, and I’m pretty sure that’s all you can do. Anyway take care, let the gods see you favorably.

  3. What about this post got it downvoted? I mean it’s wordy but literally I haven’t said anything that is derogatory or folkish….I guess I’m supposed to say straight out fuck white supremacy

  4. What about Guti? That dude was an underestimated midfielding madman!

  5. Then welcome to the group, plenty of very knowledgeable people on here to answer questions and everyone is very friendly. Do you believe Christian’s and practitioners of Forn Sed can co-exist in the future? Do you feel you have a kinship with the culture?

  6. Thank you. I see. I will take my time to learn from them whenever possible.

  7. I have a personal policy of not proselytizing to other people. I always felt people need to find their own path in life and do what feels more natural to them. I have had some decent experiences with some Christian’s and quite a few not so great ones. At the end of the day people are people, they will decide to be good to others or not. I hope you have positive experience in your path forward and find what you need on your journey forward. Any questions feel free to reach out.

  8. What if we allow female journalists to wear fake mustaches, trench coats and fedoras? That way they won’t be so easily targeted?

  9. Technically wouldn’t that put them in even greater danger considering what I can only assume that the other 88% are men being targeted

  10. Why does the angel hold a Buttplug in the third picture?

  11. I would read the voluspa, Ragnarok is not simply a twilight of the gods. It speaks of the ending of some of the gods but not all perish during the battle. Ragnarok is only the end of a cycle but there is a rebirth of Midgard

  12. the myths are not to be taken literally ffs

  13. Ah hello gatekeeper! Thank you for your input, but personally maybe just allow people to worship or believe as they wished OP asked a question and an answer was returned.

  14. Do as you wish my brother, I have a beard because I can grow one and I work outdoors all of the time. If you can’t grow one, then don’t or do. I don’t think the gods give a shit what your hairstyle, dress or whether your bearded. They care about your character and your courage to be you, showing them respect.

  15. Ymir was the mother and father of all the Jotnar and gods, which by default jotnar/gods are one of the same but took separate paths. The gods being for order and Jotnar a symbol of chaos.

  16. i just wanna see pogba under zidane. This guy was the main reason pogba was always linked to madrid every transfer window and Pogba's playstyle also reminds a lot of how zidane played.

  17. Uhh maybe… pogba is no zz by any stretch of the imagination. Zz was in a class of his own during his playing years that pogba could only dream of

  18. Nisse….leave them an offering of porridge and slice of butter as an offfering

  19. As a person from Philly definitely go [email protected]! Pittsburgh….. actually he is right we don’t care about Pittsburgh we care about Pennsylvania. I go all over the place in Penn, what never seizes to amaze me are the little pockets outside the major cities that are going more and more to the left. Shit even locals up in pennsyltuckey, I hope more people are starting to realize how fucked up the conservative movement has become in this country.

  20. i live in pittsburgh for 20 years and never went to philly. i live in suburbs and i’m convinced this is where elections get decided. there’s no oz mastriano yard presence here for now at least.

  21. You probably won’t see them ever, one or two. Not more then that.

  22. OP what are you trying to get at, are you a Christian or abrahamic of some sort?

  23. It almost feels like an unintentional Tim and Eric skit

  24. Good, was used as a scapegoat and never properly used when called.

  25. Did we put goats in space to consume the cosmic trash floating around our planet? /s

  26. Thankfully history isn’t just left to be judged by what teenage Redditors remember in 30 years. We've developed books, pens and even online things to record stuff

  27. And speaking to that, how many people remember barthez’s performance in the 98 WC final….I’ll answer that I do. Plus I always thought he was a solid keeper ffor Man U and I hate Man U. Uber respect for Barthez All you need is YouTube to watch the man. That was almost 30 years ago

  28. I wish I could spend every bit of the rest of my life looking after animals

  29. When they remove cashiers from grocery stores and you have to do that portion of the work…. Your not paying less for the food for some reason. So why are you getting paid less from physically from being in the building?

  30. I’m a guy who works in trades, not exactly the bastion of progressive ideals but thankfully grew up in a progressive family with bad ass women. Do not ever let these weak ass dudes stop you from being the best you that you can be. There is not a fucking thing wrong with you being direct and to the point when expressing yourself, it honestly makes things easier down the road when getting work completed. If that egotistical little fuck can’t handle it, then tell him in the most professional way possible to assume the position cause mama has some ass paddling she has to do. The one thing that has been refreshing in the past few years are the amount of women coming into the trades, it takes a copious amount of cojones to come into a male dominated field and put the boys to shame….touché! keep being you, never stop being a strong woman this world requires more of it.

  31. Personally at that point, leave the issue alone and let them play. I don’t give a fuck where he was born.

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