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  1. Surely they could hike it to 10% and it still won't effect the "average" home owner as we're told that the average home owner is 45 months ahead.

  2. If inflation is quickly outpacing wage growth that’s even more reason to lift interest rates to urgently restrain the cost of living.

  3. In fairness, it's going to take years for interest rates to cool inflation, particularly as the "average" householder is allegedly 45 months ahead on repayments.

  4. The maintenance. Always something to do, especially with a larger garden and a shit ton of retic. But yeah, always something to be done around the house...

  5. I do feel though that having a chunk of my superannuation invested in my property would have performed far better than my pension fund actually has these past 5 years.

  6. That's a picture of the previous S.Korean President visiting Russia some years back.

  7. Ahhhhhh love that 2008 rhetoric. Maybe we should start giving banks money again? God knows they've suffered enough already.

  8. It’s not just the banks. In Sydney I have heard an auctioneer tell a bidder in the final throws ‘you know the more you pay for it, the more it’s worth!’ I have heard multiple agents tell people ‘offer another 50K, it will be worth more than that before you have driven down the street’

  9. Exactly. My analogy is that auctioneers are like crack dealers. They're just interested in fucking you over for their own financial gain and therefore try to get you hooked. That last hit (bid) is never enough and you'll feel like shit after the comedown.

  10. 😂😂 sound like your father in law doesn’t want you to live with his son / daughter. Ask him if he knows what a screw pile is. This is not 1980 and building has changed. This is waaayyyy cheaper to repair and by not doing your home work you may miss an opportunity

  11. I agree. Injection underpinning is a structural expanding resin injection which raises, re-supports, and re-levels sunken home foundations for $5k - $15k.

  12. Ever since I started streaming Xbox S on to my mobile / tablet, it's sadly killed by Switch for me...

  13. Depends on the child and what the schools are like in your area. I went to a public school and by all accounts turned out fine. Wife and several mates went to Catholic school, said it was okay, they turned out fine. Private school mate looks and talks like he went to a private school (wanker), but I earn more than him.

  14. I know / work with four seperate guys that all went to private boys schools. They are all wankers and have dysfunctional views on women / relationships.

  15. Sounds more like something related to your workplace if your hiring managers are okay with people they have dysfunctional views on women and relationships. I have studied and worked alongside many private school and selective school kids, whilst having gone to a pretty low ranking public school myself. Not really a big difference, they did well academically, and had better opportunities in terms of extra curricular engagement that made them socially well adjusted and well rounded individuals. I’ve also met some that were a little douchey/cocky but still pretty chill.

  16. That's the law society for you. I agree that there's a wide range and I shouldn't generalise.

  17. There's also a strange correlation between the North Korean birth rate and the RBA case rate since 2002.

  18. Borrowed x4.5 my wage ($440k) for a $640k, 3 bedroom property in Melbourne back in February.

  19. They've blocked capital outflows in China as well now, since wealthy people aren't allowed to just buy elsewhere now.

  20. A number of my Chinese friends have said for a decade now that the modus operandi in China has been to accumulate as much capital as possible (often from family) and get it out of China, preferably to the West.

  21. Yes the myth that investors flood in to scoop up property in a falling market is proven to be untrue.

  22. Likewise with "fOReIgNeRs" buying all the properties and preventing our Aussie battlers from entering the market. Actual foreign ownership of new home sales is 3.7% and 2.2% for established homes.

  23. $43.80 a share back in October 2018 -vs- $49.04 as of today... not sensational but holding its own.

  24. Why did you pick October 2018 as the comparison point?

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