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  1. Yea I understand, to an extent, why it’s gotten pricier. When I was a kid Stevens was less than half the price it was the other day. But there was one lodge, zero high speed quads, and less parking.

  2. Sounds like we just need more shitty ski resorts.

  3. It’s obviously the dudes fault but these people could not be sitting in a worse position.

  4. Gus Kenworthy and other elite athletes do extensive training outside of participating in their sport - strength training, mobility work, etc. Their argument was that an activity could only qualify as a sport if that kind of athletic physique was the result of only doing the activity. Totally absurd.

  5. So rock climbing is the only sport in the world then. Got it.

  6. Piggybacking on this post- how does the East Wall terrain compare to something like E.S.P. at Breck? Was planning to hit North Pole this year but was wondering how the others East Wall chutes compare.

  7. Are you comfortable sharing what state you found it in? Maybe it’s my long lost xfl football from my childhood (you can keep it.)

  8. Do people actually watch Blankenship and see potential? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never watched Blankenship and thought anything better than a solid reliable backup.

  9. He was flying to the ball in his first start. His run defense reminded me almost of Malcom Jenkins. Definitely see potential.

  10. Oh which one, the one you guys tried to impeach him for and made asses out of yourselves? Or the second impeachment which was somehow even lamer?

  11. Neither? I’m talking about Georgia, not Ukraine.

  12. Oh I'm sorry, I have trouble keep the swamp's failed hoaxes and trumped-up bullshit straight.

  13. If sudden changes in direction are likely going to cause you to fall, YOU should be the one giving extra space, not the other way around.

  14. I still don’t think you’re understanding how a snowboard works.

  15. I’ve never snowboarded so you’re probably right- but if a five year old (or anyone) is in front of you and unpredictably skiing or riding, it doesn’t matter. It’s up to you to make the space to pass safely, just like on a road. If you can’t do that for whatever reason, you shouldn’t be in that road.

  16. I want a ski resort expansion pack. There are so many ways they could bake it into the existing engine.

  17. Political? I’m pretty flexible. Social? Pretty rigid.

  18. Which is funny because Keystone couldn't give these chairs away when they decommissioned them.

  19. Maybe I'm misinterpreting your comment, are you saying no one wanted the chairs? Folks bought those chairs for thousands of dollars just a few years ago.

  20. There’s not really a notorious place. CiCis and Brooklyns would probably be your best bet just because of the sheer amount of people

  21. If it's any consolation the underage straights don't have anywhere to hang out in town either

  22. You will have a blast! Before you jump straight into the double blacks, stretch your legs on big burn! Some of the funnest mellow blue skiing I’ve ever done.

  23. Kind of looks like thunderbird travers at WP? I don’t think it’s Keystone. Tell us OP!

  24. The key is pacing yourself. Start slow and steady and you’ll never lose your breath.

  25. Head down four o clock and eventually you’ll see a big Toyota sign sponsoring the banked slalom on your left. Hard to miss.

  26. Lol not for me. Was out 10-3 and definitely had plenty of waits over 10min

  27. Yeah me too. Imperial was 10-15 minimum (singles line 100+ ft out the maze). Tbar was 15-20, out the maze on both sizes. I'm not the biggest fan of p6 terrain until they open the hikes, so I did a few laps on 8 until they opened. When the hikes opened, kensho line was suddenly out the back of the maze for an hour or so, and then on my way back in the afternoon, lines on tbar and imperial weren't much better. I ran single too, so my times are probably even quicker than someone in a group. Maybe I just had bad timing, happens sometimes, despite knowing the place like the back of my hand.

  28. Ahhh you're totally right. I was looking back with rose tinted glasses. Now tha tyou mention it, I definitely had a line of 15 minutes or so for Kensho. Maybe I just got lucky today, my wait for 6-chair was virtually nothing, and Independence chair was about five minutes (which was probably the biggest shocker of the day for me).

  29. Yeah, but seeing her lie directly whilst on camera was kind of the point of that question. She wasn't even close to convincing, it was totally clear she just didn't want the poors in her multi million dollar view.

  30. Idk, it didn’t seem to me like Vice was pushing very hard there.

  31. Is cycle waypoint like chain waypoints but …in a cycle?

  32. Is there any reason we couldn’t trade Slay and pay both Bradberry and CJGJ?

  33. I am here to say that this is absolutely a “secret” trail. It is, without a doubt, the greatest tree skiing I have ever experienced. Go to the T Bar and then you drop right there. Very few people go down there b/c the immediate drop-in is unmarked and steep/intimidating for the uninitiated. But trust me…drop in right at the t-bar. It will honestly blow your mind.

  34. EDIT: According to a random internet source it’s coined “bong alley”

  35. The best hack I’ve found is to go up to a lifty and offer to buy them a beer.

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