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  1. Essentially the problem I was having with the ellipses exercise is that it's really hard to try and get it right within the box, at least initially, so I've been doing it along the lines of an existing exercise and it's really been helping me get the motion down.

  2. Not saying you're wasting your time, but your pre-warmup is doing almost the same thing that the exercise is trying to do, so why not just do the exercise imperfectly, listen to the relevant critiques and move on?

  3. I appreciate what you're saying, but I feel this exercise is useful.

  4. Make sure you're actively reading the lessons and/or watching the videos. He pretty clearly talks about the intent and thought process behind each exercise.

  5. Yeah of course, it's just due to time constraints I kind of only have time to watch through the content, and then do the exercises much later, so there's a disconnect.

  6. Thank you. Sorry, it's just there's so much content, hard to remember exactly everything.

  7. I tried this and it doesn't seem to work?

  8. Best of luck. I’ll have to give this a try soon because I’ve also been considering vocalign

  9. Yeah, it's just so expensive (I live in AUS, so I end up paying basically double the OG price)

  10. I think a big thing is just listening to your body/mind.

  11. You could put them in a track stack and then use Step FX to do the stutter bits. Probably switching the FX on and off with automation.

  12. Yeah, I'd have to try it as a send however, since I want to keep the original as well, or does Step FX handle this as well?

  13. Assign them all to the same Group, and in the Group settings turn on Editing (Selection) and Quantize-Locked (Audio).

  14. This is a great suggestion and I'll try this, however the problem is that I want to use this audio in a separate track, simply so I can keep the original playing as well, a bit like a dry/wet knob. So I'll still have to create the other 10 new tracks, but this might make it easier.

  15. What about genres like rap, which don't rely on chord progressions?

  16. Thanks for that, was helpful. In terms of adjusting your schedule, how do you go about organising that from a schedule/notes/routine perspective? Do you have different tags for different moods associated with each task, for example?

  17. Not sure I understand what you're trying to do, but you can delete the old note separately from arranging the new one.

  18. So you know how with MIDI regions, you can change the drag behaviour, so that instead of overlapping, when you place a MIDI region over another, it actually destroys/deletes the underlying region?

  19. Since version 10.4, you don't even need Tap Tempo anymore.

  20. It's A LOT more streamlined and faster to work with now in 10.7.5. It's essentially the same thing. I was going to point Free Recording first but wanted to point out that the feature has been there even since 10.4.

  21. Can you provide an example of what x, y, and z could be in a project and where you’re project is at when you leave it to study those?

  22. So it could be learning how to use a new synth/plugin that I saw recommended on a tutorial channel, that they recommended for the genre I'm creating. Or focusing on how to process vocals, which leads down another rabbit hole etc.

  23. You can try blocking off time for doing different things and just focusing on that. For example, Monday you just focus on cranking out ideas. Tuesday, learn about stuff that’s been nagging you - music theory, mixing, whatever you feel like’s been missing. Wednesday, pick your best idea and get as far as you can, etc. Thursday polish it and make fixes, mixing etc. Basically, if you have the impulse to get sidetracked learning something or fixing something, just pin it and save it for a block of time. Might be too structured for some, but worth a try.

  24. Thank you, I remember reading that quote a while ago, but it rings true.

  25. The idea & work of seeing the idea through are two different things. They are both amazing & important but you have to be willing to pursue it to be the best it can be. That's really it, it's work. It's something we're here to do, not analyse.

  26. I guess that's what I'm looking for advice on. How to work.

  27. Sounds like anxiety to me. Why would learning technicalities leave your vision behind.?

  28. It's just about focus. When I'm doing something, I mentally commit to it 100%. Then when I do that thing long enough, I forget why I was even doing it to begin with.

  29. Drag into a Quick Sampler on slice mode and play it like an MPC. Set voices to 1 and set "play to end" to taste. Waaaay more fun than dragging regions around. You can also pitch them up/down, tempo stretch, add filters, lfos, etc.

  30. Is it possible to pitch each section, or just the whole sample as a whole?

  31. Sadly just one pitch knob for the sampler. I’ve gotten around that by either automating the knob or using multiple instances

  32. Yeah, I was afraid that was the case. Thank you though

  33. bur why are u trying to avoid it? is it so u can still see the waveform? or whats the reason?

  34. Yeah, I want to be able to see the waveforms.

  35. I understand that, but this is what I'm trying to avoid. I just want to be able to do it like in the screenshot.

  36. You're looking for "Slice at Transient Markers". If you search for that on YouTube, you'll get a bunch of results that should illustrate how to do it. That's probably easier than trying to explain it.

  37. That doesn't allow you to rearrange those sections though, which is what I'm asking how to do.

  38. Save those regions to a folder, and import them into sampler.

  39. Wait, sampler takes multiple files?

  40. When I lived in China as a kid, I remember buying a cart like this with this exact artwork! So yeah, it's fake.

  41. You would probably want to look for a fishing charter company, they supply the rods, you will still need to buy a fishing license. They will take you out on a boat usually to a reasonable spot. There should be some on this side of bay somewhere.

  42. If neither of yous know anything about fishing I don't think yous will enjoy it that much. There's a bit more to it than just throwing a line out in the water.

  43. We both went fishing at a trout farm on the way back from a country trip a long time ago and it was a lot of fun, but yeah will look into a fishing tour, thanks

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