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  1. I'm surprised they didn't give you 16 bit files at the beginning

  2. Treating each chord as a separate event doesn't mean play the major scale for each chord, you can basically play the mode for that chord, F Lydian, with a B natural giving you a #11 sound.

  3. Jazz fan? Cmaj is C E G B and Bbm is Bb Db F so they're strictly speaking correct.

  4. They meant the A in Dm7, moving to the Ab in Bbmin7 moving to the G in Cmaj7. Maybe OP only meant Bb min triad but they should try it with the b7

  5. Tons of apps for flashcard-like practice to learn the notes, intervals, rhythms

  6. Try V7(b9) to i if you want stronger resolution

  7. You don't need the 7. Just IV V I is enough to tonicize I

  8. Nothing to add except an upvote for Madonna into the groove

  9. Because it's a microsecond, you won't even notice

  10. Ear training. Learn the sounds of intervals, chords, frequencies, compression

  11. Check the manual for the specific plugin

  12. You can do both. All musicians should at least learn a little piano (how to play all the basic triads, scales, etc)

  13. Cuts through on the radio better

  14. In the middle of the road? Bikes can go around

  15. Sennheiser 360 because I've been using them for years and know them. Or maybe Focals

  16. "interested in buying an amp for my studio..." I doubt you want any of those. You can't use them without earplugs. Try a Fender Deluxe (handwired if you can afford it) or Marshall Studio Vintage or Classic 20watt heads

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