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  1. Open your mind and explore some other music

  2. When just starting you will definitely feel it in your back.

  3. For simplicity. If you know the system it makes it so easy. C to Eb is a b3rd (any C to any E is some kind of 3rd), C to D# is an augmented 2nd (any C to any D is some kind of 2nd).

  4. There were multiple patents filed for the microphone before Hitler was even born

  5. That's not even what this quote is saying

  6. Looks like he's saying "the very microphone", referring to a specific model like Neumann or Geffel from Germany

  7. Because you don't pull your chest up before lifting

  8. You don't want the bed in the kitchen, put the desk there and the bed beside the window

  9. Let him try both if you can. I'm left handed but always played the right handed way

  10. Pendlay row = best row. I think maybe stay more horizontal with less leg movement

  11. Capitalism is fine as small business, and checks in place to prevent monopolies. Companies shouldn't be buying other companies. Profits should be split between investors, workers and society.

  12. MOVE. Always move if you can when they try this. If they think it's worth that much let find a new tenant

  13. D7b9, try playing the D half/whole Diminished scale over it

  14. A day - Squats, bench press, pendlay Rows. B day - Deadlift, Overhead press, pull-ups/chin-ups, dips. Keep alternating these two with a day off in between (or light cardio in between). Add 5 lbs every week

  15. It doesn't. That's just what the DX had for simplicity

  16. That's why you use a squat rack/power rack

  17. Hurricane Hazel, mayor of Mississauga Ontario, for something like 40 years. Ran unopposed in some elections because she was held in high regard, nobody thought they could win. Only injury from the Mississauga train derailment and spill (she twisted her ankle rushing to meet the press, Ted Cruz, your flight is boarding). Stood down at the age of 90, 10 years after she gave up ice hockey.

  18. Sounds like if you say no they're going to replace you with this position anyway

  19. Put your alarm clock in your washroom. Changed my life

  20. Got my G1 at 33, G2 at 36, G at 37. After I failed my G2 twice when I was 18

  21. Look at actual apartment buildings, not condos with small time landlords

  22. NKS means you load the Komplete Kontrol plugin, then load whatever plugin within that (such as Analog Lab, although all the Arturia synths support NKS anyway)

  23. The same notes with different roots is the wrong way to think of modes.

  24. You can if you just don't play the 6th (and the 2nd only on the ii and vi chords)

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