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What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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  1. It totally does make a difference!! I didn’t mean to divide Reddit with this post but my gosh.. My OCD says it should roll from the top, not the bottom.

  2. It’s better from the back because you can rip it off easier with one hand. From the front is prone to rolling more and spinning out more than you need.

  3. Tell him his blurry ass neighborhood doesn’t pass inspection.

  4. To those that don’t think it affects the plot, here’s 2 ways it does:

  5. So 80 minutes for them to get a car? Cool.

  6. No they get the car without any work of any kind. It’s 80 minutes of them to tell a story that hits you in the gut twice. Once when you’re watching the first half and then twice when you realize they’ve decided the game doesn’t matter anymore and huge parts will be missing.

  7. I never played the game. I was digging the show but when they take an hour to tell a story that doesn’t seem to matter at all to the main story, it’s kind of hard to have high hopes in the future.

  8. Literally just type in POE builds on Google

  9. I did that. Saw many builds with a lot of terms and hero build names I didn’t even understand. I was looking for something super beginner friendly that walked you through everything and explained a little more.

  10. This is a very beginner friendly build, ran it a few times and it's fun!

  11. Yeah, on balance and encrypted I use 5-x-x dart monkey. It’s op!

  12. I only take it for anxiety..I don't really do much to try and intensify it but once in awhile. So would you say about a gram would be a good dose for me? I'm honestly kinda afraid to drink that red dawn because of all the other shit that's in it besides the phenibut lol. But I guess I won't know how it affects me until I try it. Also, do you use the capsules or powder and just weigh it out? I've also seen the crystal form? I'm going to order some I just want to make sure I buy the right kind and not waste my money and take it correctly.

  13. I usually just put some in a capsule. Liftmode sends a little scoop which is a very unscientific way to measure it but it’s close enough for me. I don’t think there is a huge difference with which kind you get. If you want to save money you can buy phenibut powder or crystals and empty capsules. If you would rather mix it with juice or water then get hcl.

  14. I actually still have it. I still have like 10 300mg gabs left so I'm saving the red dawn for when I run out. I've heard that the red dawn has about 1,000mg in it..not sure if that's 100% correct and could possibly vary from bottle to bottle. But once I try it I will definitely let you know how it goes.

  15. Sounds good! You staggering gabapentin?

  16. Did someone photoshop your neck out of this picture? Looks like your beard supports that bobble head.

  17. Look at all these dopes with their “eye contact” and “confidence” answers.

  18. Best way imo is a capsule. Might take a little longer but phenibut tastes pretty bad. You can dissolve it in water and drink it down like a shot but make sure to have something to chase it with. Mixing it with oj might not be too bad but I haven’t tried it. It’s acidic so it has an acidic taste.

  19. My 79 year old mother will be ecstatic that you chose Broom. It was her pick 😂

  20. I’m happy your mom’s pick is doing so well. What was your pick?

  21. So I also started listening on audible before heading that news. I’d say get the ones on audible that are there, enjoy them, and then buy the newest ones on a different platform at a future point - if they still aren’t on audible.

  22. Yeah that’s basically my plan except I ran out of books to get for Sanderson haha. Thanks for the advice!

  23. If I understand how audible works, you’d want to cancel regardless. Sanderson won’t be releasing as many books as you’ll get credits in the time. I find the audible subscription to be kinda poor.

  24. Yeah this might be my best bet. I was using my credits every month to get a wheel of time or Sanderson book. At this point only the graphic audio books are left. It was definitely worth the subscription but now I’m not sure if it will continue being worth it unless I find a new author to be obsessed with. Someone mentioned Jim Butcher so I’m going to give him a shot.

  25. I think it will be shooting lightning like darth sidious while throwing out banananados that leave permaspike thorns in it’s wake.

  26. I was going to go with beauty of the beast but didn’t see it so I went with pharaoh sails to Orion!

  27. Light it on fire. I don’t think cats like walking in fire.

  28. Thing is, we are not just random clumps of atoms that just happened to be. Our design is very deliberate. Why would life want to stay alive? Your body doesn’t know it’s alive, it was just programmed at birth to function in a specific way, which when you think about it pretty damn weird.

  29. Have you ever read about evolution at all? Things that survive have a better chance at reproducing and spreading their genes. The desire for survival would be one of the most important genetic mutations. No matter which religious theories you throw out, there are scientific theories that give another viable thought on the subject.

  30. I know that. And while that logic works when looking at a specific species, looking at the big picture, trans-species evolution starts to make less sense. The traits humans have don’t make them more likely to reproduce over monkeys. Hell, you can go further back and say the evolution of microorganisms into multicellular organisms wasn’t something that increased their reproduction and spreading of genes. Also, again, how did genes come to be? How do all of the intricacies of the human body work? What is the mysterious force driving all of the chemical reactions, interactions and communication in our body? Why is it that we are not one inch closer to knowing anything about that hidden force than we were thousands of years ago? What is consciousness?

  31. There are a lot of things to address here. Humans over monkeys? They just kind of split off and went separate ways. Both successful in surviving and reproducing. However, humans and all the ancestors along the way have a large advantage. Intelligence. Which led to fire and better shelter. Weapons to protect ourselves from predators, or to hunt prey with. It’s a lot more complex than that but too much to dive in to with a simple mind like mine.

  32. Should be called hundreds of beautiful women and that one goofy dude with a scarf day.

  33. I want to know what else dude was bummin for. Was that one sign for Lamborghini keys? And one for Disneyland tickets?

  34. I feel like it’s perfect. The clouds and water would be too light to make sense if it was just a night sky. The red pops and brings the whole painting together. Nice job!

  35. Honestly it depends on quite a few factors like your size for example. Also everyone responds to medications and drugs differently. Take it easy and slow. 250-500mg the first time then wait a few days. Go up from there.

  36. 500mg never working for anybody even if this first time, minimum is 1g.

  37. I strongly disagree. Best to start small and see what kind of effects or reactions you have for safety’s sake. It probably won’t get them where they want to be but that’s what the next doses are for.

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