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  1. Coincidentally enough, they completed this episode right before the new mini-series, with the (for now) revamped logo, were revealed, so unfortunately that doesn’t come up. Conway goes so far as to say maybe it’s time to retire Frank Castle in general, not just the logo, and if they want to have a new Punisher, completely recast it as a person who makes more sense in the modern day.

  2. The Punisher (Frank Castle) shouldn’t be retired because a few fanatics and imbeciles use his symbol with little to no knowledge or relation to the actual character. He’s one of the best comic book characters in my opinion.

  3. As a reference she is old enough to remember new episodes of I Love Lucy. I wouldn’t want her running a lemonade stand let alone the most powerful country in the world.

  4. Is it possible that women in the past are hotter than today? Maybe it’s just the soft lighting.

  5. Playboy only features the most attractive women of the era. There were as many ugly and average looking people in the 20th century as there are today though admittedly the obesity rate is higher.

  6. Some people still believe the nonsense that List was mercifully killing his family because they were about to go bankrupt. All family annihilators try to paint a story about how they did it out of love or whatever. Sociopaths lie and I don't know why people give any credit to their justifications. He killed his family because he wanted to. I know that doesn't soothe the bleeding hearts out there, but that is the truth. The money was an excuse, but it was not the reason. Stop believing murderers. If they will kill someone, they will think nothing of lying.

  7. If you can fight the likes of Carnage, Scorpion, Electro and Venom and not instantly die then two aliens won’t be an issue.

  8. Can we stop with the stupid juvenile prompts? This subreddit is turning into a middle school locker room.

  9. I don’t like to do it but if I have to I will.

  10. If I could lift 100 tonnes, could my bones, joints, tendons etc. handle the weight?

  11. I assume so otherwise the premise falls apart. It doesn’t make sense to be superhumanly strong but not equally superhumanly durable. It wouldn’t be super strength then.

  12. If the drawing comes with life with the same abilities you give it or it has then I’d choose that and simply draw something to make me extremely powerful.

  13. They’re mythological creatures, not humans.

  14. The zombies wouldn’t be the worst part. Starvation, disease, exposure, human violence and accidents would kill far more people than the zombies ever feasibly could. This goes for most apocalypse scenarios.

  15. I don't get why reddit acts like fake violence is worse than nudity and sex scenes. Kids pretend to do violence all the time copying their favorite heroes or characters. But it's pretend. At worst they hurt themselves being kids. But if kids "pretend" to be nude or do sexy stuff then they're verging on something that's a major problem for kids to be doing.

  16. Kids imitating something doesn’t make it better or worse than something else or that we should censor everything when the onus is on the parents. The difference is that consensual nudity and sex have no moral dimension unlike violence. As a horror fan I find it bizarre how you can show Leatherface flay and wear someone’s face on TV but you can’t show a woman’s naked body or generic simulated sex. Jack Bauer can torture someone and that’s fine but a woman getting dressed isn’t appropriate. Parents will sit with their children and watch police procedurals, action films and horror films dripping with blood and filth but as soon as a naked woman appears then they want to hit the fast forward button.

  17. Easier to kill witnesses- wow, that’s some straight up cold-blooded shit. Damn.

  18. I’m reminded of Chris and Snoop from The Wire.

  19. It’s easy to dismiss this tendency as only belonging to others.

  20. Basically every internet thread concerning people who commit crimes (rape, murder, abuse etc) or do immoral things will inevitably lead to people fantasizing about torturing and killing them. You can see it on Reddit regularly.

  21. I used to watch way too many gore videos and stuff when I was younger, I'd say I'm fairly desensitized to stuff nowadays but I can assure you, throughout the dismemberments, bombings, school shootings and a whole trove of other shit giving places like

  22. What’s the last thing that made you say “That’s new”?

  23. It’s between The Devil’s Rejects and Terrifier.

  24. Sentry takes the majority due to being stronger, tougher and far more versatile.

  25. Since the Post Crisis era (1986) Superman has been in the planet buster tier alongside Thor and Hulk while Goku surpassed that a long time ago.

  26. It really is way worse than this sub makes it out to be. If the character wasn't a gothic clown, and if the actor wasn't really good at making him look creepy, the movie wouldn't be as acclaimed on this sub as it is. It really is just gore for the sake of gore, with very little plot or substance. I've seen children's plays that had better acting and special effects than this movie. I will upvote any comment or thread that tells it like it is about this movie, because the circlejerk about how it's one of the greatest horrors of the last decade is just silly and over the top to me. It's not even in the top ten.

  27. That’s interesting you say that. While I think the later saw movies were pretty bad, I think saw has a really awesome humanistic element. You can see how the people get pushed to desperation, and moreover, they have a chance at living if they do the right thing. Art the clown kind of just killed whoever the fuck he wanted lol. Not that I think that’s a bad thing, but at least for me I prefer to see some sort of motivation for the killing?

  28. I thought he was asking why it being from the 2000s makes it hot?

  29. No. Slavery is one of the most evil practices in history.

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