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  1. Great strategy for throwing her off our scent!! I love it when we agitate Mami. 😄😄

  2. Agree with my Pepinos here. It’s definitely a sweet combo of PR, lawyers, and an attempt to quiet this sub. Nice try! 🥒🥒🥒

  3. I got the sketchiest text last night. I think I'm being silenced. It was literally a photo of a red herring and we're going live today during the hearing. I think it was an attempt to silence a pepino.

  4. And some old Asian lady that she rescued, or a woman at the bathroom line fawning over Alec Baldwin.

  5. Imagine accidentally killing someone and then being so adverse to taking any responsibility at all that you claim the charges against you are 'politically motivated'. So graceless and delusional.

  6. She wasn’t there for him and that’s just sad. If there was a surgical procedure or a free Moncler puffy jacket there waiting for her she’d go.

  7. It’s gotta be a wig, look at that piece of hair sticking out on the right side of her forehead 😂 it looks ridiculous!

  8. YUP. I personally find this clip more convincing than the other one with the frilly top where she does the same coverup move. it’s much clearer in this one without that frilly top.

  9. it is just UNDENIABLE that she was digitally altering these pregnancy videos

  10. She’s just a super pale baby with no hair yet to cover it up. A friends baby is almost 2 and still super bald and her veins are so much more visible. She’s the palest cutest baldest thing lol.

  11. Ok. Thanks, Pepino. It just looks startling. Good for the little tot it’s nothing serious. 👍

  12. Omg! Look at that “belly thing” on the right!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh silly Hilly, The North remembers! 🥒

  13. Nothing to see here in the photo on the right. Just the twin moon bump out getting some air. Found it in the depths of her closet. 🙄

  14. Wheeeeeee!!! Sarah takes the wheel! 🥰 I feel like I’m on the 🚌 with the badass-shit-talking substitute driver! 🍸🚬 Buckle up Pepinos, this is gonna be a fun ride! 😄😄🥒🥒🥒

  15. That misspelled “Lekington” looks an awful lot like Mami’s handwriting. 😄😄😄

  16. Sending good vibes and Pepino hugs your way, McNasty. Stay strong!! 🥒💚🥒💚

  17. Yeah, she only posted this after she realized she might be able to benefit from the shitshow in the making. And I’m sure she wasn’t thinking that MichWho conversation was being recorded and would later be revealed. Faker!

  18. Maybe 🤭 seriously though I was just thinking that there is a women's prison just outside my city I could go there and kick it with all my homegirls from my Highschool, perhaps have a couple few flings, liaisons, entanglements, & dalliances 🤭 They can thread some bad ass eyebrows with floss I've heard. Perhaps even work my feet out in the yard?!?

  19. “Mrs. Baldwin, have you at any time used prosthetic bellies as these Reddit scoundrels suspect?”

  20. Spoiler alert: it was Carmen behind the wheel.

  21. “I can’t carry my babies” is like a weird Freudian slip referencing the surrogacies!

  22. She fails epically at everything so Griftmas was long overdue. It’s just so crazy to think about how much she/they got away with prior to that outing - I’m just glad to be here with my Pepinos, basking in their spoils! 🥒🥒🥒🥒

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