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Customer caught walked in on staff dancing while cleaning

He do be dancing though

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  1. Greenbrier ( Whitesorongs ) and the real US government nuclear shelter.

  2. Building a colosseum where RFK sits so there’s a colosseum in the background of shots of the Capitol and vice versa would be so cool. One of the cooler stadium/city tie ins

  3. Please just don’t get that guy that does the Caesar’s bet app commercials. My eardrums still haven’t recovered from all his YELLING !

  4. It’s easier to compare him or her to an npc. Does he look like Belethor or she like Ysolda for example ?

  5. Welcome to Washington basketball where our fans reward mediocrity.

  6. Washington sports in general. Look at the slobbering over Heinecke.

  7. I never bought into the ‘good guy CDPR’ hype anyway. At the end they’re still a business. That means stuff like cost cutting to meet a deadline and profits.

  8. Vault Tec starting the Great War is a pretty common conspiracy theory.

  9. Where’s the cheering fir federal judges now like when they were striking down DJT executive orders.

  10. Bertans is probably not missing in drills either, but game time is another matter,

  11. Yeah, it’s like the Mako’s in ST Enterprise. There’s usually several onboard.

  12. If your wife overacts dramatically about your “ damn shoes “ uh oh.

  13. Confused about the versions. Why does standard RDR2 also have story mode. Isn’t the story already in the base game ?

  14. Mediocre actor, really didn’t get the hype for this casting.

  15. Whether he does play him or not I’m not going to stress about it.

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