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  1. it is possible to discern a difference between more reverent and less reverent.

  2. But they never stopped trying to have alternatives. Now it’s Coke Zero.

  3. I have never ever seen this pic. And I'm old enough to remember the day he was shot. I have to wonder if this is photoshopped.

  4. Or recreated with actors/models. Like what camera person is at that spot where this angle was taken from ?

  5. Can't wait to see one of the greatest of the sport play in a baseball stadium

  6. You are a braver person than me good sir or ma’am. I can never sign people up for cards as a full time job. I’d go nuts.

  7. I just found out FM23 cut back on pre set formations it’s not even funny. They don’t even have 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 as presets anymore. You have to manually move the players on the formation screen to get the result.

  8. You are a genius. You found holy grail for me:) Superb improvement for me:)

  9. So what did you change ? Take off overlaps or take the role off defend ?

  10. Worse for me is changing light titles to be dark, emo stuff like Riverdale. Now Bambi too ? Stop this trend.

  11. Well that’s a name I haven’t seen in a while. What’s ol’ Marko doing these days ?

  12. Stores have discovered it already and have been playing the entire album to death.

  13. This will carry over till they’re older. Family reunions be so much drama lol

  14. Hey, I gotta get my McRib now. It’s on it’s Farewell Tour lol

  15. Copium. Even Italy is saying it. Everyone who gets upset falls back to “ the Euros are better anyway “ lol

  16. The marine guy in Huerta that wants to get back with his squad but is told they’d have to amputate him or something. I just head canon that him and his nurse or doctor just fell in love as a happy ending.

  17. The opposite is also true. I never bother to watch a basketball game the entire time because the issue is decided in the last 5 minutes sometimes anyway. I just watch at the end.

  18. The same way China is doing it now, get athletes into a lot of events and win them.

  19. £3Billion, is that it? Surely there's someone other than the Saudis out there that can afford that?

  20. I learned to just draft players who you know score points. Seems simple enough. 2 years ago I had the perfect season. Undefeated. My strategy? Every pick I had I would only look at the top 2 or 3 of the best available and take my favourite or the position I needed most. The last 2 seasons for me have been awful. The reason? I listen to “experts” and reach for players they suggest. I reach the “experts” favourites. They led me astray. Just trust the rankings. They are there for a reason. Fuck the so called “experts.” Im looking at you Fantasy Footballers. Fuck you for making me draft Allen Robinson and Courtland Sutton. Idiots.

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