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  1. Okay but obviously the pit/lab mix is the mother! That cat is her daughter!!

  2. Pepper (the dog) agrees with you and is glad that somebody is finally taking her side.

  3. She's maybe a little too liberal with the licking, lol. I'm sure the cats wouldn't mind as much if she weren't so....moist about it. She means well, though! And she's an excellent cat wrangler. Every once in a while Steve will slip out the back door. All we have to do is say the magic words, "Pepper! Go get Steve!" And the next thing you know, Steve is back in the house. Slightly....moist, but safe and sound in the house where he belongs. Also, Steve weighs 15 lbs, and is about half the size of Pepper. It's fun to watch.

  4. Honestly, the best way I've found is to go to your local book store and browse the vegetarian or vegan cookbooks. Find one that looks appealing and buy it. Then just work some seafood into the recipes as you see fit. Got a great recipe for rice noodles and veggie stir fry, but want to add some shrimp? Sounds amazing. Got a recipe for vegan tacos that makes you drool but you're craving fish? Throw some chunks of blackened fish on top and you're good. That recipe for veggie kebabs is calling your name, but the tvp (fake meat) meatballs just aren't doing it for you? Scallops to the rescue.

  5. Not me, but my bff. She was mercilessly teased and mocked her entire childhood. They called her ugly, bigfoot, giraffe, etc. Boys would just straight up refuse to talk to her if she expressed interest in them. Joke's on them, though....that sexy giraffe became a model, and had the time of her life shooting down all the boys that ignored her in school once they decided she was suddenly cool because of her job.

  6. But remember. It's us who don't like the short men...?

  7. My husband asked me a few times if he was too short for me when we first started dating, because I'm taller than him in heels. Barefoot he's about 2 inches taller. I told him idgaf, and he eventually got over it. I love it when I'm in heels and he gets up on his tiptoes to kiss me.

  8. First punch him right in the dick. Then get a super soaker and fill it with weed killer and then spray it over the fence all over. Then punch him in the dick again.

  9. Fucking own that shit, call them out, and make them uncomfortable.

  10. Technically yes, but it would be unnoticeable unless you're going from chalky to oiled leather and wear the eyeliner every single time you go out in the sun. Your face is slightly lighter than the rest of your body anyway. Anything at all between you and the sun (makeup, clothing, clouds, sunglasses, sunscreen....a bikini made of cheesecloth would eventually give you very faint tan lines) will affect melanin's just degrees of how noticeable the difference is.

  11. Haven't seen or spoken to my birth mother for nearly a decade. Honestly not sure if she's even still alive....I did hear through the grapevine that she had a heart attack a few years ago, and that her house was demolished by a tornado, so who knows.

  12. Have you found a way to prevent the dogs from doing it again? If not, then you'll just be throwing your money away. But to answer your question....grass generally doesn't like growing under pines, no matter if it's sod or seed, even if it's shade tolerant grass. Pine trees make the soil around them very acidic, fallen pine needles smother the grass, and the trees suck up all the water. Your best, easiest, and cheapest option in the long run is to mulch the area or just leave it bare dirt and let the fallen pine needles be free mulch. Plot out a neat border, throw in some azaleas or sweet woodruff or whatever else grows under pines, and you suddenly have a nice little flower bed that looks great. If you're dead set on having grass, you'll probably need a ton of lime tilled into the soil to lower the pH before grass will grow.

  13. Maybe a hot take, but my initial reaction is that you're still letting him control you by letting him live in your head rent free. You're still thinking about him, spending magical energy on him, worried about him enough to post online about it. If you want to thrive you need to separate yourself from him entirely - including mentally - so that he can stop overwhelming you and burying you in his hot mess.

  14. I went for progesterone because im nonbinary and was scared of having a large chest (even tho i went from an AA-A cup in 2 weeks)

  15. Everyone will have a different response to different pills because of your own natural hormone levels. I've personally never had my breasts grow from any pills. It might be worth it to look into endometrial ablation as a long term solution instead of taking pills.

  16. i was actually reading into that, but alas im 17 and even tho i never want any bio children they probably wont give me that as an option

  17. You're 17 now, but not forever. We keep a running list of doctors who will perform tubal ligation without giving lectures about needing to give birth, or requiring a man's consent. It seems likely to me that those same doctors would be more willing to do an ablation for an 18 year old.

  18. Or when they're so fucking stupid (and therefor trashy) that they put their calls on their car stereo, where everyone can hear it from 100ft away.

  19. My husband does this...but in his defense, he's partially deaf and can't hear shit unless it's cranked up to 11.

  20. 10/10 conversation starter. Wish I could say it was original -.-

  21. If he ever tries it with you again, offer to run home real quick to grab your tomahawk so you guys can do a reenactment.

  22. Does it count if a single native gives permission? If so....granted. Use your shells. They're like hair braids....yes, we have a special connection with them, but we hardly have a monopoly. Many cultures use abalone shells for different things. I think the reason why some people think they shouldn't be used is because they're linked with smudging, which can be problematic. But you said in another comment that you use them to channel water go for it. You have my blessing as a native.

  23. I believe paper abortion would be a perfectly valid policy that should be enshrined in federal law, but only if and when all women in the United States have access to legal, safe, and FREE abortion services through the second trimester of pregnancy.

  24. I agree, but I would add in the stipulation that the paper abortion has to be finalized no less than 1 month before whatever the cutoff date for an actual abortion is, so that the woman has time to process, plan, decide if she wants to be a single parent or not, and still have time to complete a physical abortion before the cutoff if she decides not to be a single parent.

  25. May I ask how old you are, and how it effects you? My son is 6 and has never had a hair cut. It's almost to his knees now. He loves his hair, we love his hair and it gets a traditional native braid every day. My worry is that because he is in private school, the teasing is going to catch up with him and he will feel pressured by classmates to cut it.

  26. Not the person you asked, but I've got a 9 year old son with long hair. Also native. He's never been bullied by other kids, but every once in a while an adult will comment on it. He used to keep his hair short because he didn't like the rude comments, but around age 7 he decided that they're idiots, and he can wear his hair however he wants. His (white hispanic) grandfather used to talk shit about his long hair, but apparently he decided it looks nice after all, because now grandpa is rocking a ponytail. But yeah....other kids have never had an issue with his hair.

  27. That doesn't go away but it switches to being funny. My husband and I both have waist length hair and if he's ever helping me look at clothes, we're inevitably greeted by behind with an offer to help us ladies.

  28. My son has long hair almost to his waist at this point, but the bottom 2/3 is shaved, and he mostly wears it up in a ponytail, braid, or bun. The manager of our local 7-eleven insists on calling us ladies every time we go there, despite the fact that he's told her several times that he's a boy. Honestly, I hope she still works there once he hits puberty...would be hilarious to watch her try to call a 6'4" giant with a deep voice "lady."

  29. It really isn’t okay to keep comparing this to Handmaid’s Tale - especially when all of the things in that book were taken from historical accounts of what BIPOC women have been subjected to.

  30. As a bipoc woman, I get so sick and tired of hearing people saying not to compare it to Handmaid's Tale. It's a valid comparison that people can understand. Not to mention I've only ever had white women tell me that it's not okay, as if they're the self-appointed gatekeepers of racism on my behalf.

  31. That final episode hit extra hard, especially when they played the audio of him raping the 12-year-old girl. Hearing his breathing made me feel ill.

  32. what the fuck?? that sounds like a horror movie. they were answering him while he was raping a girl? that's legit one of the most disturbing things i've ever heard

  33. Technically I think it was before he actually started that they were talking. The way everything was set up in the room and the way they were talking, it seems like they did it as some sort of twisted religious ritual.

  34. "Wallah" is an Arabic phrase that means, "I swear to Allah." My brain just melted trying to imagine the response she would have at finding out that she's been swearing to the Muslim version of god this whole time.

  35. First time I experienced manspreading was in kindergarten, lmao. Some school play we were doing, where we all had to sit on tiny little bleachers. I was between two boys, and they both sat with their legs spread so far apart that I was literally pinned between them. Given our age and how widely the spread their legs, I'm pretty sure they were both just doing it because they had seen grown men doing it, and subconsciously absorbed the idea that it's how boys are supposed to sit. I do believe it's more comfortable for men to sit like's comfortable for women, too! But I also believe that men sometimes forget that their personal comfort sometimes needs to take a backseat to practicality in public. When you're actively blocking other seats with your legs, or taking more than your fair share of space, then you're just being an asshole. It's a seat, not a gynecologist's office. If you need that much extra leg room, maybe consider lobbying to make the seats wider instead.

  36. Tsalagi unatugwo. Tsalagi unahlanigida. Ꮟ ᎣᏤᏙᎭ

  37. Doors on houses in Florida all swing outwards and have exterior hinges. They are security hinges.

  38. Only in South Florida. I'm in Tampa Bay, and doors usually open inward - it's not much of an issue here because 99% of hurricanes are just tropical storms by the time they hit us.

  39. You're 17...can you get a job so you can buy your own clothes? If not, take those XXL shirts, and go after them with a pair of scissors. When I was younger we would intentionally buy shirts too big for us and then cut patterns into them and twist the fabric around. We'd make open back shirts, one shoulder shirts....all sorts of diy ways to modify oversized shirts are probably just a quick Google search away these days.

  40. Truth is, if you have to stretch your pants to fit, they don't fit. I understand the style, but women who dress nice but casual are a real turn on. Why not try something new?

  41. Every half circle window I've ever seen with a covering used one of those pleated shades that unfold like a paper fan. Don't ask me what they're called, I'm not sure. But I do know that if you call your local custom blind installer, they'll know exactly what you mean based on the description.

  42. should be. I just dont want to end up regretting it.

  43. Take it out. If you later decide you want it again, chances are really good that the hole will still be there. I took mine out nearly 20 years ago, and still have the hole. Once a piercing is fully healed, it's pretty much just a flesh tunnel, because your skin has healed over even on the inside. It's called a fistula.

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