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  1. Maybe vibrators arent for you. You'll be surprised how varied y'all women can be when it comes to masturbation. Hell I've know women who prefer gentle caress over a sextoy. Just take some time to find what your body responds to. And never rush anything

  2. Also, different vibrators have different intensities....maybe a gentler one would work better for you. A good sex toy shop will let you take vibrators for a clean test drive - they pop a battery in and turn it on, so you can hold it against your hand to gage the intensity of it. Not to mention all the different types...internal, external, air pulse, rabbits, etc. Maybe your "sweet spot" isn't where you think....lots of women orgasm from stimulating the area around the clitoris instead of direct stimulation. Try everything, experiment, and have fun!

  3. She never violated a law, though. She just said that, which upset me.

  4. She was ready and willing to violate the law, until you asked her not to. That's worth mentioning. If you see a kid holding a gun and saying he's going to shoot up his school the next day, would you report his behavior then, or wait until he's already murdered a bunch of people?

  5. Read my post edit. She wasn't going to do that. I don't know how she'd even get away with that since there were several other people in the OR.

  6. Yeah, context of the conversation is important, lol. It still may be worth reporting the exchange, based on her shocked response. Her response makes it very likely that she still allows pelvic exams, and maybe not know or may have forgotten that they're illegal....or maybe just doesn't care. You can report concerns, not just violations of the law. And if you choose not to say anything to the hospital or medical board, maybe at least you could mention it in a review of the hospital online, or tell local friends and ask them to pass the info along, so that her future patients can potentially be warned that they may be exposing themselves to the risk of an unwanted pelvic exam?

  7. I watched that show years ago when it was on TV, and I just started rewatching it a few days ago! It's a good story, but it does have its just as a PSA, it does rely heavily on the old tropes about turning a cold hearted business woman into a loving wife and mother, having the woman change slowly over the course of the show to become softer and more feminine, changing for a man, etc. Plus some Catholicism, and "god is good and heaven is real" type of stuff.

  8. They wash there foreskins in front of their mothers?

  9. I mean, my son is half Puerto Rican, and I'm the one who taught him how to clean under his technically....yeah?

  10. Get in touch with your wife's friends, and any family members she might have nearby that have periods or are living with someone who has periods. Ask them all if they'd be willing to donate 1 or 2 tampons from their personal stash, so your wife can try a wide variety of brands. (Or just go buy a bunch of the smaller boxes.) Throw in a cup or two, some period undies (make sure theyre the non-toxic kind, as thats been a huge issue), some Tylenol or midol, chocolates, and a heating pad, and you've got yourself a fabulous little period themed gift basket for your wife.

  11. depends on your couch’s capabilities but we were able to just remove the feet from our couch. now no toys are sucked into this abyss!!

  12. I just put new feet on my sofa to lift it high enough that my robot vacuum could clean underneath. Added bonus is that toys no longer get lost under there....either the cats or dog get the toys out by themselves, or the robot vacuum will push them out the next time it runs.

  13. Wings! Also, this gives me some serious Cult of the Lamb vibes

  14. I fucking love that game! Probably why I love this little goat so much, too.

  15. It was a home birth and I don't know hospital standards, so kind of hard to quantify what the recovery time was. I took a shower maybe 30 minutes to an hour after he was born, if that's any help? For about 2 days afterward I stayed in bed most of the time, didn't walk except to the bathroom and back, or to go sit on the sofa for a while. Up and walking around like normal in less than a week. I don't run, so I can't tell you when I was able to do that, lol. I remember going for a bike ride after about a month, though.

  16. Looks like somebody read about the Tarpon Springs, FL salad and tried to recreate it without knowing what it's really like. (It's a scoop of creamy potato salad under a Greek salad. Sounds like a rancid abomination from he'll, but it's actually amazingly delicious....and I fucking hate potato salad.)

  17. I know this sub is for smarties. But can't someone give to me all baby-style please?

  18. A nice lady is sad a lot. Then one day, a stork brings her a baby! She loves her baby very much. The baby grows up, and is now a kid. The kid has a lot of big feelings about things that might not bother other kids as much. And if you tell the kid you'll give them $5 for cleaning their room, they don't really care, and probably won't do it.

  19. Could this be related to bpd in some way?


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