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Weekend Discussion Thread for the Weekend of January 22, 2022

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  1. I knew OWS was done the second those two representatives went on Colbert Report and explained that fucking jazz hands clapping-substitute thing. I simply cannot understand how it doesn't occur to anyone that looking ridiculous to the majority of the population might inhibit building a popular movement.

  2. I had never seen that segment before, thank you so much 😂😂😂

  3. If you guys had to short a stock right now, through buying puts, which company would it be?

  4. Does today seem low volume so far to anybody else?

  5. It seems like everybody took some articles for granted without actually listening to/checking the actual report. A lot of early headlines were saying the earnings report wasn't good. Once people actually checked into the report itself, they realized it was great, and it shot up.

  6. Judgment is the proper spelling, whether in British English or US English.

  7. In British-English judgment is a noun that means specifically the decision of a judge or legal court, judgement is used for the more general context such as this as it doesn't refer to any legal situation. Appreciate your thoughts! :)

  8. Ahh, that's a colloquial thing then. I see it spelled "judgement" constantly in the USA, I'm just trying to spread awareness! 😂

  9. I sure do. The rims on coins from mint sets, especially quarters from the 80s-90s, are just awesome. Oddly specific, I know, but they just feel so nice.

  10. Unless you planned to retire this year or even next, there is literally not a thing to worry about. Put your seat belt on and ride it out, everything will recover. Hell, even a depression wouldn’t scare me. But I’m also not a completely disabled ape that threw every dime I had into the same pot of money. I am partially retarded though, so don’t take my advice.

  11. This is WallStreetBets, there are a lot of people here who have short-dated options. I'm sure they're worrying lately.

  12. I’d be buying PayPal, like I’m doing in real life. Good management, high cash flow and growth, not much downside left.

  13. eBay stopped using them for payments. Not many other services/apps/etc. use PayPal, and there are other companies that do what PayPal does that you could argue are "better." PayPal is waaaay less popular than it was even a few years ago, and it seems to be continuing in not a great direction.

  14. This is definitely a genuine coin, but it also has been cleaned.

  15. How can you be so positive just from these 2 photos? It looks fishy to me, especially the first "2" in the date.

  16. Because journalists are the ones doing it, and everybody knows about it, so there's nothing to really "report" anyway.

  17. Didn't IBM just post their best earnings in years?? 🧐

  18. Was around 35. The original comment said every 5 points over 15 was ~1% intraday swings. VIX at 35 means, according to him, to watch out for +/- 4% intraday swings.

  19. I had an opportunity to close/leg into the trade at 3 cents....

  20. Lost 7k over $45. I have a saying - profit is profit is profit.

  21. I genuinely think a rate hike would calm a lot of people's worries and be a good thing for the market.

  22. I logged in as usual and there everything’s fine. It says verified, all transactions are allowed and no hint or anything about expired information.

  23. Then why don't you just ask Binance support about it?

  24. I hated the design renderings that were released - the black and white ones. I thought this design was going to look so, so bad. I have to say, though, after seeing it for real, I actually don't mind it. I don't know if I really love it, but it's certainly not nearly as bad as I was expecting it to be. I can live with this.

  25. Apparently this Apocalypse guy doesn't believe the Holocaust happened. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  26. Its the internet. People troll and say random things all the time.

  27. Yeah, but they have multiple comments/conversations about it...Yikes.

  28. Honestly how do you even say that dotcom was from March 00 to Sep 01? When the market continued to plunge another 17% or so from Sep 01 to April 01?

  29. Am I the only one who can't quite make out the date on this? 😂

  30. Right?! I'm pretty sure its a 1963, but it looks super odd.

  31. One of the worst fakes I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even make $5 Indians in 1928!

  32. I think this is more of a "hobo coin" type thing, not a counterfeiting attempt. I can't see anybody actually believing this is a real gold coin. Hobo nickels, the carved Buffalo Nickels, weren't made to fake anything, just made for a bit of fun.

  33. I never got the point of being a bear.

  34. In my opinion, "bears" and "bulls" are either fake or foolish. The market ebbs and flows, anybody constantly on one side (except those institutional investors who are mandated to be) is going to have a hard time.

  35. Yes, and as long as we still have posts like from OP we are not at the bottom. Bottom will be reached when the "sold all my portfolio" posts start to trickle in.

  36. Everybody is talking about how some famous YouTuber (I don't know their name, I don't really follow traders on YouTube) actually just did exactly that - sold everything in their portfolio.

  37. What collapse? The market is still like 10% higher than same time last year.

  38. People use the word "crash" in place of the word "correction."

  39. Why do you think it’s cheap? What kind of cash flow are you expecting from it? Or are you just hoping to sell it to someone else at a higher price later?

  40. Would you buy a barrel of oil from me for $10 if I offered it to you? There are things called commodities.

  41. If there’s an arbitrage opportunity of course. If I can buy it from you for $10 and sell it immediately to someone else for $80 then sign me up.

  42. Let me rephrase. If the price of crude dropped to $25/barrel tomorrow, most people would see that as a buying opportunity, because you can look at prices over the last however long and take an educated guess that the price will rise back up above that.

  43. Why is everyone under the impression that the interest rate rise(s) is(are) going to make things worse? I really think the problem right now is the low interest rate environment accelerating inflation. I think people are going to calm down a bit when rates finally go up.

  44. How do you figure? I'm using ~$479 for the high from which we're falling.

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