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  1. Interesting that he didn't mention a trip to AAA at all to get some starts in. Seems like he'll be on the ML roster in some capacity. Sounds more BP, than rotation to start out.

  2. Sounds exactly like what we were thinking. Try to get him to perform in that Akin role first

  3. JRam and Josh Bell are two guys I really like watching. Cleveland is going to be fun to watch this year

  4. Naylor is a fun watch as well

  5. Does this mean I’m a Manfred fan?

  6. “You get Eovaldi and Gibson and you’ll like it because I said so.”

  7. A High Wing in Jamaica by Richard Hughes

  8. That might be the worst play I have ever seen. Drawing up a receiver to bomb it into quadruple coverage in a one-score game, fucking genius work Roman

  9. I take back what I said I actually like this signing Romorr pointed out to me, if Gibson pitched here last season he’d have a 25% reduction in HRs allowed. Now if we don’t sign any other pitchers to more headline the offseason then it’ll definitely be underwhelming/disappointing. As depth though im all for it after the initial disappointment lol

  10. I mean you can make this same argument for literally any pitcher. They're going to do much better in OPACY.

  11. Most of em yeah you’re not wrong

  12. Mike Elias did also say “Our plan for this offseason has always been to significantly escalate the payroll.” So I can see where people expect us to sign someone with a name not just 35 year old retreads

  13. I hope he doesn’t get meaningful time at 1st base. Makes me feel like we just got another guy everyone will be frustrated at watching play a couple times a week batting sub .200 and striking out/ popping up a bunch

  14. Do you live in Norfolk? That may be the only way people will be watching him play.

  15. 5 years for DeGrom the Rangers are out their mind. Good miss by the Orioles in my eyes

  16. Haha I never know sometimes on here

  17. I think Bradish could be one of those pitchers that finally puts it all together in year 3 or so. Just from the eye test if he finds consistency and makes some of the improvements you mentioned I think he could end up being easily a #2 starter. A lot of “IF’s” of course but I’m higher on him then others might be

  18. I keep seeing this take and while I understand everyone wants us to go nuts and compete in the market like we never have before, the more level-headed and realistic approach is going to be to sign someone exactly like Eovaldi, and I 100% trust Elias and Co to stay level-headed about this. Besides, just think what we could have done last year with players like Odor, Lyles, Chirinos who were even just average. That should be the goal: Shore up the weaknesses, and let the young stars grow. The time for mega contracts will come and it will be a few years down the road when we start extending our young stars.

  19. Who’s getting 300/10? We have plenty of money to spend now and in the future, idk why we can’t compete in FA now? We were in the playoff race till the last month of the season. Imagine if we had an ace and another good bat. Team has been running as cheap as possible for awhile, we can spend now and later it doesn’t have to be a choice. Especially considering how young the roster is

  20. I think it just makes more sense to shore up our holes and see what we have in the upper farm system before we go thinking 1 or 2 big signings will make us world series contenders. We had quite a few players overperform last year and it's unrealistic to expect the same next year. It helped disguise some of the holes we still have. It's still absolutely a buying offseason for the first time in forever which is great, but I think expectations need to be tempered a little...we shall see

  21. What positions would you bring in average/good guys? Any INF or OF position you have prospects hoping to give you just that. We could use a DH/Catcher/Starting Pitcher. However we can afford to sign all those positions have two of them be bigger signings if need be and still have a moderate payroll.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

  23. The holdup with that is if Lamar wants a fully guaranteed contract, Biscotti has to put that entire amount into escrow immediately, which requires a lot of liquidity

  24. Appreciate the explanation. I remember them discussing this on 105.7 as being a major hurdle for his contract

  25. If this is true, you’d have to think the list of “local business investors” with enough cash to buy the team would be pretty small, no?

  26. This is where I’m at. Like who would even be the majority investors owning 20%+. Is Kevin plank, Biscotti throwing $100+ million? Maybe if Biscotti doesn’t sign Lamar

  27. What if- and I'm gonna go out on a limb here- both "sides" actually have the same financial backers, and aside from a hand picked selection of deeply contentious issues that they use to differentiate themselves and generate the illusion of choice by spotlighting only these issues and never giving air time to any moderate perspectives on them, enact exactly the same policies of big government working hand in hand with big business to further enrich and empower themselves.... Wouldn't THAT be crazy?

  28. Does anyone know if a U.S. election recount has ever gone in favor of the original loser?

  29. Gore but he still lost when he won

  30. Well, that was due to the Supreme Court fucking him over and the Republican Party being in charge of the state.

  31. Sick Mchumacher is slept on

  32. Sammy Watkins, Dez Bryant, De’Anthony Thomas, John Brown, Jeremy Maclin, Devin Hester, Seth Roberts, Chris Givens, Donte Stallworth

  33. Yeah he doesn’t really belong in this group as a bad signing or a do nothing. I was originally just really trying to mention WR signings not in the post

  34. That’s what I’m saying. He wants to deflect from this and talk about trump. When the above is clear photo evidence of pedophilia. If you had pictures of trump doing the same shit I’d say the same thing.

  35. You think those pictures are normal behavior? Not hard to imagine what he does in private. As for Trump MSM can't go down the Epstein rabbit hole bc it leads to too much information and evidence of people tied to the DNC.

  36. That BB% difference is major. Mountcastle is still young though hopefully he can still make a jump

  37. You’re awesome for this! Who’s your favorite?

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