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  1. You didn’t answer anything though. What’s really that bad about her design? SF6 is leaning heavily into graffiti and hip hop, similar to SF3, Kimberly just seems like a product of that.

  2. I wish he would’ve. At least try to make a case, so I can see it from his angle. My first thought was, why is an Urban Ninja bad, but Guy originally was an Urban ninja that fought crime in Metro city? He then had his design updated to be even more Urban when they gave him the Nike looking sneakers in Alpha, which became his staple of his design.

  3. I knew Deni had ball handling skills, and good vision/awareness as a passer, but we’ve been keeping him on a leash.

  4. ay can we get a third option that's in between these two things

  5. Whoa, someone who wants to be in the middle, when most of time it’s desperate optimism or jaded pessimism with Wiz Fans? What a brave man.

  6. Easy way to finesse parents into buying damn near the same toy twice…

  7. Not familiar with him, but a negative Wizards fan? Never seen that before. That’s damn near a standard with how ridiculous we’ve been ran for decades.

  8. post nut clarity would save a lot of people from regrettable tweets

  9. How can they have post nut clarity after spanking it so much, they shoot blanks. They’re in a perpetual state of post nut by default. This is the real them.

  10. Ocarina of time, amazing timeless classic

  11. I miss the days when woke was a slang term no one really took seriously that meant being aware of nuanced societal issues like the corporate lobbying - prison labor - mass incarceration cycle instead of just being a catch-all word for anything vaguely left

  12. It’s crazy how small of a time frame of that being what woke meant. It went from being self aware of societal issues, into being a generic term loosely thrown around to fit whatever narrative you’re trying to counter.

  13. It does seem odd for a ninja to have spray paint but i also feel as you're exaggerating this situation. I don't like the woke stuff either but this character does have interesting qualities to her and the moves look pretty cool especially with the spray paint. Also adds more "street" to the fighter lol

  14. Yea, I really don’t understand the controversy here. We’re calling everything woke. She’s a black character with Bushin Ryu fighting style, and has spray paint as a super move. What exactly are we mad about?

  15. This sub's a dumpster fire. Clearly filled with the opposite extremes of an SJW; which is just as bad

  16. I have no idea what this sub is supposed to be half the time. I thought it was a sub where people just got to speak freely on the weird shift in gaming and journalism, and how things have been going downhill ever since Gamergate became a thing, then lost its origin once the media got a hold of it.

  17. Combining science, politics, social media, and propaganda was the dumbest thing we’ve ever done.

  18. I thought I was alone on the world with having most of the Mystic Force cast as some of my favorites.

  19. I'm a security in an office building. I've read 5 books in a month. Edit: I'm working 2-man shifts and there's another security company operating in our building. In practice, it's pretty chill. There's literally nothing happening and I can read safely.

  20. What a productive security guard. My friend spent his time as security watching the entirety of One Piece to the current episode.

  21. Christ lol, he mustve had insane amounts of time

  22. The irony was that when he finally caught up, he told me “Yea, wasn’t worth it.”

  23. Bet on all major sports championships, and encourage women to shave downstairs.

  24. Each season of the show had at least one insane single shot scene like the hallway fight and all three of them were incredible. I’m praying there’s at least one in the new show, in fact I’m begging them

  25. Those scenes were so rewatchable for people that like nerd out over the difficulty and effort of one shot scenes like that.

  26. If you're going to criticize the CGI, criticize the CGI. Inserting "MSheU" just makes him look childish. No one was accusing the MCU of being the "MHeU" when it was mostly straight, white male leads.

  27. Ever since that female team up in Endgame, I’ve seen a weird backlash and calling every with a woman in Marvel property MsheU.

  28. Yep. What's even more eyeroll-inducing is the need to always add, "But we like well-written female characters, like Ripley from Alien or Leia."

  29. That’s my biggest problem with these people that push these tag lines and trigger words, like MsheU.

  30. Sorry for the late reply, but my dad sure as hell didn’t teach me that. A stand up comedian named TK Kirkland was talking about hygiene in his stand up and how most guys don’t dab, and just leave piss in their draws after using the bathroom.

  31. Not even the worst X-Men film for me, that belongs to Dark Phoenix. Worst comic book movie I've ever seen is Fantfourstic

  32. I was not expecting Dark Phoenix to be as bad as it was. It’s not even bad and entertaining, it’s just bad. I can at least get a laugh at X-Men Origins from some of those ridiculous scenes. Dark Phoenix, not so much.

  33. There is an Amazon delivery guy in my neighborhood who blasts salsa and merengue out of his truck. It used to bother me, but he is the friendliest dude and actually tries to put your stuff out of the rain or hides it and takes a pic to show you where it is. The music is also so lively that I’ve come to enjoy it when he rolls through.

  34. I’ve worked with Fed Ex/UPS drivers. Whatever helps get them through their shitty routes doesn’t bother me. The placement of the package is the only thing that really concerns me.

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