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  1. I want her to know I'm here but she is never ever alone. Like the kids aren't allowed to play anymore even if I wanted them too he has stopped everything. The thing with the police though, I fear if I did that for any reason other than the family in immediate danger, he would retaliate against us. With 2 neurodiverse children in my home and a husband with MS (not to mention my own ADHD) I have to keep us safe. I was playing a podcast about domestic abuse earlier in the hopes she hears it, but other than that I don't feel safe doing anything else.

  2. Cheers for all the comments guys. I wish I could let her know we are here but it would appear he is reading her phone and is never alone now.

  3. Under funding mostly, and lack of psychiatrists working in the field. 6 months isn't that long, most waiting lists are years....

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind words. My husband isn't formally diagnosed but is going through the process. I'm a nurse and called in as many favours as I could to get him seen sooner than they could so that's a positive. 10 days till his appointment with the consultant and probably another week till his MRI. He is have a full body MRI with contrast. The reason we feel it's MS as apposed to another diagnosis is because some of the symptoms do line up with other conditions but all of his symptoms grouped together line up with MS. Not to mention the fact he has a family history of it, my work colleagues agree that it sounds like MS and just his general pattern of deterioration, recovery, being well then deteriorating again. It's a mine field that we are getting our head around slowly. I just wish I could pull him out of the depressed state he is currently in. He can't sleep at night without pain or nightmares, he is trying to occupy himself in the day but that results in pain, feeling tired or he hurts himself because he is so off balance. He is so used to working that he has become a slave to it and now has no idea what to do with himself. Anything I suggest just annoys him!

  5. To clarify - he hasn’t actually been diagnosed with MS or referred to an MS specialist? His recent test results came back fine?

  6. Hello, He hasn't been diagnosed but the reason I'm jumping to the MS diagnosis is because I'm a nurse and spoke to several colleagues who have said the same. We haven't told any family members anything only that he isn't well and unable to work right now. I know lots of people can live happy lives but to us right now it's soul destroying :( The tests that came back fine where physical neuro exam (torch in eyes, finger to nose ext..) prostate and bladder check which they did because of the incontinence he was having trouble with. My husband is usually a happy healthy 41 y/o man but in this past few weeks he has done downhill so fast :(

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