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  1. Werewolf By Night. (It’s a 50 minute MCU Halloween special, but it's still really solid.)

  2. Fjernet for brudd på følgende regel:

  3. Legger inn et motsvar: Posten er en skjermdump/bilde av artikkelens overskrift, fra TV 2, og da videre uredigert og urørt.

  4. Vel, i mitt eget forsvar var intensjonen med post og overskrift å være noe sarkastisk med selve artikkelen. Å vel. Skal selv innrømme at jeg er noe billig til tider.

  5. The Disney management during Covid can be partially blamed if you ask me. Soul, Luca, and Turning Red were put on Disney+ for free due to Covid. (Turning Red was because of Omicron concerns.) Lightyear got bad press and bombed because of Bob Chapek and the Don't Say Gay bill. (A blink-and-you'll-miss-it women's kiss was initially cut, then reinstated.) Elemental is opening next to The Flash, which is already in a bad spot.

  6. Yeah I can see it. I’ve seen it a dozen times but I can’t even tell you who the main character is.

  7. Imagine you're seeing an upbeat, lighthearted, and jolly comedy about Barbie(s), and then all of a sudden you hear a fucking nuke go off next to you.

  8. Yeah I know what you mean, I assumed he had been fired and wouldn’t be considered going forward.

  9. Wonder how this one's gonna end up and or turn out in Kongen Befaler. We had the

  10. Zoran Gjovic must definitely approve of Michael Gross as Burt Gummer being named in this comment section.

  11. My movie doesn't share any of the IMDb genres of The Collector (2009) as mentioned partially earlier on Barbarian (2022), it is however under 2hrs long, same as The Collector.

  12. Me too, it'll be the first Indy movie I'll watch in a theater (I was only 4 when KotCS was released)

  13. Evil Dead 2013 remake. Absolutely love it, watched it so many times

  14. I literally have a certain jumpscare from that movie as my alarm/ringtone.

  15. Copyright problems with the Black Phone kill count pushed Nope's kill count back. It's likely we'll see it this year though.

  16. I’m surprised her screams in Ready Or Not aren’t higher on the list.

  17. If you made a drinking game where you drink every time she screams in that movie, you would be very drunk after an hour and a half.

  18. Not at all! Kids like to express themselves in odd ways! But maybe send him to Hawkins National Lab for examination…just to be safe…

  19. I’ve been trying to find this for a year now, and can’t! My cousin keeps claiming it’s better than Hodejegerne, which I’ve seen 10 times

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