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  1. God Damn these predator pastors. And God Damn the conservatives who turn their blind, hateful eyes.

  2. Imagine seeing “all are welcome” and saying “fuck that place”

  3. Imagine being a so-called "Christian" and seeing "all are welcome" and saying "Fuck that place"

  4. Christo-fascism's tentacles extend and attach further to this thing we called America.

  5. Fucking Republicans close down the mental hospitals (Reagan) and send all the mentally ill into the streets, making life way more dangerous for everyone, then pump guns as the answer and NOW they want to "round up mentally ill people"

  6. wrong millennium, bub. 21st century. it's the 21st century. It was Wednesday two days ago madude.

  7. An Exorcism should work with one line from the Bible. If I'm reading it right.

  8. Is that a fucking AI deep fake or what the fuck is that speech cadence?

  9. yip. And (weakly) in their defense - they were doing what they were told by their parents and what worked for them in their time. And industry at the time of the Boomer's parents were selling the idea that you could work for one company your whole life and retire comfortably. Boomers went to 'Nam and saw that everything their parents were telling them was bullshit, but somehow they passed on the lie to their kids, and now we're all - WTF, BOOMER?

  10. Funny - it's only the people who use it that can't define it. Everyone else knows what it means - be a decent human being to one another. The fuck.

  11. nothing about leading an armed insurrection to bypass the Constitution?

  12. He's got to get a couple dozen of his Republican colleagues to vote for this deal. Of course he's going to make it sound awful. That's what the base wants.

  13. I just love his acting in this and so glad to see a star from my childhood shine decades later.

  14. Think maybe for one cop care at least 2-3 gas fill ups per week. Let’s say that’s $100/week + quartet oil changed at $50 (making it easy math). That’s $5400 per year per cop car. Multiple that by 25, that’s $108,000 saved per year just on gas and oil changes.

  15. Wow this literally helps no one here in the state, so cool. So he’s just going through the motions for his base?

  16. What's really missing from this trans/queer conversation is "freedom"

  17. LMK when they start finding the cops guilty for not doing absolutely shit.

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