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  1. My boy syrup learned the other day he could use his bottomed teeth to poke the ball in and water just flows out.. he sat there not drinking till a puddle formed.. chaos potatos chaos.

  2. It's often said that the only way to win in Vegas is to never bet. The nightlife, the shows, the food are all worth going for though.

  3. Ive heard, and maybe I'm wrong but the rolling jackpot 5 dollar slots are some stupid number more likely to hit than a lotto ticket. So if you are someone who buys lotto tickets, stop, and instead just save up that and drop it on the 5 dollar rolling jackpot machines instead and that's about it , rest is food shows and nightlife.

  4. Rat owner here... it's crazy how fast it just happens. Give Lil guy all the treats and spend as much time as ya can.

  5. Bears will only kill you if they're crabby or hungry or you're messing with their children.

  6. Should note , hanging out peaceful like and then triggering a flight for fight and they choose fight is super possible. Dumb motherfuckers at a local college forget deer can absolutely fuck your day and person up. So many think they have Bambi as a friend then get rear hooves to the face or chest and its a bad day... do not fuck around with wild animals if you don't know what your doing.

  7. Yup, vile hateful fucks who hide behind religion. To justify their shit behavior.

  8. There are two classes. Working class, owning class. They are the only class that matters. The idea of middle class etc just goes to further people's belief they arnt being exploited when they absolutely are. You make 300k you can't be working class right? Wrong. You are still working class, you don't own capital, you don't don't make decisions that can effect large swaths of populations.

  9. The only one that ever suggested middle class people aren’t being exploited was you LMAO.

  10. No, I said the working class is exploited. That includes your mythical middle class. They are working class.

  11. Eventually, this sub is going to go the route of “flaired users only.”

  12. Send this to dol, do not argue. Keep all notes and make many. Get then fucked

  13. I hope this vile piece of shit never has a job or moments peace again, but he will he hired as a fox commentator

  14. I support the rail workers. Honestly 4 corporations have divided up freight and have monopoly like control over their region I support both the workers and dare I say the dirty

  15. I'll let you figure out what letter is right next to "r" on a keyboard that was used in a prior post that would make sense

  16. So you failed to type or acknowledge there was a typo.. which is fine.. they happen, but your sticking too not communicating effectively and I'm the stupid one? El oh fucking el. Kick rocks dipshit.

  17. Brother, if you can't figure out that, in a reply about "call outs" that "call ours" is an easily decipherable typo, then yeah, you're the idiot.

  18. Brother if you can't figure out how to effectively operate a kitchen when there's a call out your the fucking idiot. It's meat and potatoes man. Not hard, and yet dipshit managers just can't seem to fucking make it work. I'm guessing your some middle management petty tyrant who also can't run a kitchen...

  19. That pride flag will be confetti before the end of the week.

  20. No, we won't. That trend happened to boomers because the right was drug along to be more progressive as time went on, so the progressive points when they were kids were by force of the progressives dragging people into the future brought the conservatives to the point where there using talking points of progressives 60years ago.. and they also were able to aquire some wealth which they want to protect and in the past the right also did that... but now the right is both going full tilt regressive and doubling down on culturewars and fascist bullshit, and none of us will have any wealth to protect. So no one in our generation will be conservative unless they are pants on their head stupid.

  21. Never, no, do not, ever do that. It's just them trying to fuck you. You resign immediately once your onboarded at new job. Any counter offer is always bullshit. Any want for proof is because they want to sabotage your life. Do not let them.

  22. I mean a car has a big ass tank of exploding dinosaur juice... sooo yea. Evs are less likely to catch its just lithium fires are a bitch

  23. They will see blocks of color and color and shadow change... there depth perception will be crap. But they use sound and smell more anyway so it's not too bad of a hinderance.

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