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  1. Maybe the courier is afraid that dropping the package may break fragile items

  2. It's not a must. It's proven that people on OMAD has delayed insulin response to food, and the large amount of food (full day of calories in one meal) also make the glucose peak longer. But overall it's still better than peaking many times a day with 3 meals a day and snacks.

  3. Choose a full body wine like a merlot over a light bodied pinot noir.

  4. Drippings has fats so the fats will float on the sauce that's why the sauce doesn't come together. Strain out the fats first.

  5. Drippings have flavour but not enough. Need to add stock abd/or additional aromatics like mirepoix, mushrooms, ginger garlic spices MSG, even ground meat etc to level up the Drippings. Even just more salt or add soya sauce makes a difference.

  6. It can be really painful as they put you in uncomfortable positions to stretch your muscles. Painful but works to fix my pain and sprains everywhere every time.

  7. What if that happens when the all seats are obviously taken? And not a lot of people are waiting so the chance of 'being left out' is close to zero?

  8. The elderlies know that Some soft hearted people will definitely give up their seats to them

  9. Women are a family and a family friend who is a good friend and a radish instead of a family who is a good friend and a radish instead of a family who is a good friend and a radish instead....

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